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Burdock root!

I often see this sympathetic root at my local coop. I’m wondering what does it taste like and if it can be eaten raw. Does anybody know its nutritional value? Any good recipe suggestions? Many thanks!


  • I’ve never tried it, but I do like to sample new things from time to time. My grocery store has lots of veggies & fruits that I’ve never tried.

    I now wikipedia new foods, to find out about them. I started doing this after trying a taro root. It didn’t taste very good raw, & wikipedia said it needed to be cooked.

    I’ve since wikipedia’d several foods…. and I still have much to learn.

  • Thanks for the recipe RawJim! It can easily be rawified (whatever that means!)
    I’ll try that.

    Good idea about looking it on Wiki, Ron4540. It seems the burdock root contains lots of fibers, calcium, potassium and amino-acids. Wow! They recommend to soak the shreds of burdock in water for 5-10 min to get rid of the muddy harshness. Yup, burdock root is definitely on my next grocery list.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Since I haven’t used the nutridiary.com site yet, I’ve just read the posts about it, I’m not sure this would work. Use that site to get a nutritional profile of the produce in question… Can one do that on that site?

  • I would think it would be very bitter raw as I think it is in general. It is very nutritional though, a great blood cleanser. I’d be curious if someone tries it raw how it tastes.

  • I’ve just started taking burdock root extract and it’s really helping clear up the rest of my acne. It’s high in iron, zinc, and silica. David Wolfe has a recipe for it juiced with cucumber, apple and I think celery. If you want the recipe I can post it, but I’m far to sleepy right now . . .

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Oh you are so lucky I have been scouring the green spaces around here for burdock root since I saw this recipe:


    I have wanted to make it for literally years but he says the burdock root is irreplacable and I just can’t find any!

  • i just added some burdock to a batch of saurkraut. it is earthy and bitter tasting- which i think is delicious. i also add it to green juices, and make burdock tea. i used to eat it cooked a lot when i was just learning about whole foods- eating sorta macrobiotic. the bitter flavor is something most people don’t get a huge amount of in our diets- yes, cleansing to the blood, and the liver. and when i choose burdock at the market, i go for the most firm roots. due to the fact that people don’t buy it as often, it can tend to get limp from sitting around for a while.

  • I juice whole burdock regularly, and while I like the mildly bitter-strange flavor, I find most people need it covered by a stronger one. I juice about 8 inches along with greens and another root veg (carrot, turmeric, etc) to cut it’s twang. An apple will completely mask it’s flavor.

    Note: if you have any formal events or photo ops, do NOT have burdock raw for a week before. The purifying effects can lead to SUPER-blemishes that , while gone quickly, are easily visible by EVERYONE you will encounter. But if you’ve got afew days away from society, burdock inside and out clears a face so amazingly well.And eating it regularly helps maintain skin clarity (along with it’s more profound benefits.


  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    I ate about 12 inches of fresh, raw burdock root tonight. They have very fresh burdock root at my hfs right now. Sometimes it’s old and limp, but now the burdock they have is firm and crisp. I just ate it like I’d eat a carrot. It’s a little bit sweet and a little chalky, but I like the taste. Mine isn’t bitter at all.

  • rawveganloverawveganlove Raw Newbie

    i’ve had burdock root served to me at a vegan asian restaurant in several of their dishes. it is always served shredded as you would shred a carrot. i’m sure you could make it the same way raw. just shred it and throw it in a dish as a vegetable. the only way i’ve had it raw though is in juice and it is great in juice. it is extremely healthy for you! i learned about it from david wolfe’s book “eating for beauty.” before that, i’d never heard of it before. i hardly ever buy burdock though because i’ve only seen it at one store. it’s organic (yay) but it is always limp! they never have it firm which is the way it should be.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    RawJim I just saw your question to me, yes I do mean foraging. I read burdock could be found in waste land on the edges of towns so i looked there. I think i need a better photo of the leaves to identify it, coz it must be out there somewhere.
    It is not common as a food at all here. I have never known anyone to eat it or be served it, or even know of it as being a food. It is commonly used in herbal medicine though.

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    I love burdock root! I always juice orange juice then add a whole burdock root juice to that. It taste soooo good together. When I was having skin trouble it cleared up my face right away. Yummy, I want to go get some right now to juice. Try it you’ll like it!

  • I would like to get the benefits of burdock and I found a source in my area, but I don’t have a juicer. Could I add it to green smoothies? Would I get the same skin-clearing, blood purifying effects?

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Ambaryarena,you can make the smoothie and strain it through a nut bag to have the juice.

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    I am posting this question for one of our members, Liz, who messaged me about burdock root:

    "I ended up on this site while researching using burdock root ... my question is how much water to burdock root should be used to produce the juice?"

    Can anyone weigh in on this for us? 

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