Hi I am new to raw and need to lose weight!!

VickiWVickiW Raw Newbie

Hi I am new to raw but have been vegetarian for over 25 years. I really need to lose a LOT of weight and need to lose it fast. If I don't then I never stick to a diet. I found Dr. Bernstein I lost a lot of weight but since being vegetarian there wasn't much to eat. Will going raw help me lose weight fast. I like having smoothies that I make with Almond milk, fruit and protein powder but fruit is so high in carbs that I don't know if this will work. If you go raw can you use the unsweetened Almond Milk from the store? I need something simple, not making recipes since it's just me. Can you lose weight fast going raw or should I try something else??



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master


    It depends on what you eat and how much you are eating, but you can definitely lose weight on a raw diet. 

    I think pretty much all of the almond milk in the store has been pasteurized, so it's not really raw. You can always make your own. smile

  • CreativelyccCreativelycc Raw Jr. Leader

    Hi Vicki,

    Yes, eating a raw vegetarian is a great way to lose weight. I lost over 20lbs since eating raw vegetarian. Every once in a while I slip but I haven't gained back the weight. I am presently doing the raw food cleanse course. That would be a great way for you to start your diet. Good luck to you!


  • bettykleebettyklee Raw Jr. Leader

    Hi Vicki,

    I think that you need to exercises and have a diet. It's better if you look for a personal trainer. He or she will know what to do with you ;)


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