How Do I continue Healthy Bowel Movements on Raw?

TropicannahTropicannah Raw Newbie

I have been raw for a few months and have had great bowel movements. The last week however I haven't had the greatest digestion. I haven't pooped in 3 days. Help



  • CreativelyccCreativelycc Raw Jr. Leader

    Hi Hannah,

    Welcome and congratulations on choosing to going all raw. It is wonderful and this community is very supportive. Are you making smoothies and drinking lots of fluids. That helps to keep me going a lot. Also there are courses you can take here to cleanse your system. They work wonders. Eating apples and dates helps me to go also. Good luck!


  • TropicannahTropicannah Raw Newbie

    Thats the strange thing I have been drinking tons of water, juices, and smoothies. I always put dates in my smoothies too for the extra fiber. Very unlike my body and digestive system to act this way.

  • DiorellaDiorella Raw Jr. Leader

    Since you are already getting enough fiber from being raw vegan, make sure to get enough water too. 

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