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Exotic Fruits: Egg fruit, cacao fruit, dragonfruit, noni?

achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

Has anyone tried any of these intriguing fruits? What are the flavors like?

I went to a David Wolfe lecture, and he was raving on and on about egg fruit, found in Hawaii. Any Hawaiians out there?

What about cacao fruit. I’m all over the cacao nibs, but I’ve never tried the fruit.

I saw a dragonfruit once at my local co-op, but it was $9.99/lb. Too rich for my blood, but I might try it someday.

I’ve seen noni powder and noni fruit leather online, but it’s pricey. I want to get my hands on some fresh noni someday. :)


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    My bf and I tried the eggfruit when we were in Jamaica and I remember it not having too much taste and being sort of dry – we might have gotten one that was not so great though. But is supposed to have the consistency of a cooked egg yolk and those are dry so maybe it was consistent with the way the fruit is supposed to taste. I wasn’t all that impressed with it.

    We tried alot of other exotic fruits like jackfruit and sapotes. The jackfruit was supposed to taste like Juicy Fruit gum but our Jamacian friend said the ones they had available weren’t that great so I guess we got a bad one because it didn’t have much taste. The sapotes were great! We had the sapodilla which tastes like caramel!

    If you are planning on going to Hawaii, I would check out Ono Organic Farms http://www.onofarms.com/index.html

    Apparently you can go on tours of the farms and taste things right off the trees – I saw it on the Travel channel. They grow cacao there so maybe you can get your hands on some cacao fruit.

    I have seen the dragonfruit too but haven’t tried it yet.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Dragon fruit is like white kiwi, but not very flavorful. I heard Noni tastes awful but is very healing.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the replies!. LOL. :)

  • i love dragonfruit!!!

  • my first experience with cacao fruit was in Belize to make hot chocolate~ when you cut it open the seeds are suspended in a white gelatinous "fruit" ~ this tastes just like sugar. I have tried one cashew juice which is quite interesting and peppery~ The cashew nut grows at the bottom of the fruit. it is in the poison ivy family and may cause similar symptoms in sensitive individuals. ALso i dont think cashews are raw - they must be heated in order to not be toxic. Mangoes are also in this family and eating especially chewing on skin and seed, as well as touching sap or picking mangoes can cause a poison ivy like rash = Mango fever!

    I had drank noni juice - which was also mixed with pear or grape as I was doing research on it as a natural painkiller. When i saw my first one in st croix i was so excited and as i touched it my fingers went through the purplish flesh and i was disguisted at the smell of vomit or nasty rotten cheese. Traditionally this fruit is fermented to make the juice. here i piled very ripe nonis on top of eachother in a jar in the sun ~ It makes its own juice and I have gotten used to and love the taste of the pure juice this way ~ It's amazing, there is still a strange smell which you have to almost hold your nose. You could eat a raw one at the perfect time ~ before the skin turns translucent and it will be awesome , also did stir frys with the unripe noni and papaya. The seeds are awesome oils for skin and also a natural pesticide ~ WHich i was also researching in the islands ~ Theres lots of bugs! I have found catnip Nepeta cataria to work best mixed with certain essential oils. Traditionally Noni leaves were used in polynesia to heal infections from native tatoos. It is thought to be the plant of Pele , the volcano goddess, as a huge lava flow bypassed an ancient noni grove recently. The seeds are resistant to sea water so they are often found on beaches as they sprout after washing up onshore~ I LOve me some NONI!!!

    Dragonfruit i have not had the fruit but like the juice.

    Mangosteen is a personal fave ~ The queen of fruits ! I have had the juice and the fruit once in Australia. It is unique and delicious ~ complex antioxidant profile.

    Jujube date is an amazing superfruit used in teas for enegy , cleansing and high nutrients .it is in bazi ~ Have never seen jujube juice anywhere but sometimes you can find fresh. In asia they are akin to apple in america~ Perhaps a reason for longevity and youthfullness in Asian Culture. It is the key ingrediant in Bazi ~contains 8 superfruits + 72 minerals necessary for life http://www.bazibest.biz

    Goldenberries , tart cherries and Umeboshi plums are my fave for their tart tanginess and immune building properties. I love that WOW jolt that makes you salivate ~ Make yo mouth happy!

  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    Noni is all over the place by the beach--you can make a juice out of it, but I've found it totally inedible as a whole fruit. The cacao's I've had/seen are basically a hollow shell with the seeds inside and a little bit of white fiber--don't expect it to be a fleshy, juicy, sweet fruit. Eggfruit is variable--the older varieties that are acorn-shaped tend to have a lot of latex and made me vomit once, but the good ones are very creamy and delicious. It is very similar to Lucuma (which will also grow at higher elevations in Hawaii.) Dragonfruit grows off the night blooming cereus cactus--it is refreshing, but best to grow your own.

    In Thailand at least, they have a technique for opening cashew nuts that avoids the poison and doesn't require any heat; it isn't grown very extensively in Hawaii. Some of my favorites are the mamey sapote (and green sapote, which is very similar) and tamarillo, a distant tomato relative with a spicy, rich flavor.

  • alices5717alices5717 Raw Newbie

     I come from Vietnam, a tropical area and where I live has many dragon fruits. Believe me, dragon fruit is one of the most delicious fruits. It is not sweet so much but just lightly and you will not worry about gaining so much fructose. Besides, it contains the high amount of fiber supporting effectively for your digestion and improving your body's metabolism. 

  • DiorellaDiorella Raw Jr. Leader

    Dragon fruit is yummy. I like the white, and red one. 
    The egg fruit also known as the canistel is creamy. When I mix it in my smoothies, it's like drinking dessert. A healthy dessert. 
    I have not tried cacao fruit, and the noni fruit. But I am looking forward to that one day. 

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