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Hello everyone! 

Could anyone tell me if I need to calorie count when eating raw to loose weight? I went overseas on a holiday and gained 10kg and as well as wanting to feel better, I was hoping to get that added bonus of weight loss. I have always wanted to be fully raw and I started it a week ago. I have been reading online testimonys about people going raw and I am SO excited as I already feel more energetic and brighter. Yay! :)But I have read on several different websites that in order to loose significant weight on a raw diet, you need to count calories and stay under your daily calorie intake each day?! I am unsure about this and have read so many conflicting opinions.( Eg: eat less to loose weight vs: eat more to burn fat.) Does anyone have a little knowledge on this topic and able to share some insight? It would be MUCH appreciated as I love all these raw candies and cakes and pies but they seem to be a mass load of calories and although I am mostly motivated in feeling better, I am scared about gaining more weight, eak!

thanks so much in advance

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  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
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    I know a lot of people just eat what they want on a raw vegan diet and manage to find the weight they feel good at. 

    In general, if you want to lose significant weight eating anything, you have to count calories. However....if you restrict them too much your body goes into panic mode and starts clinging to the weight even more. 

    A raw vegan diet is usually less calories than a traditional diet, so you might just find yourself within the right amount of calories to lose weight and still stay healthy, especially if you exercise too, since that burns away the calories. smile



  • DiorellaDiorella Raw Jr. Leader

    I do not calorie count. I remember losing 2 pounds a week without exercise, and just eating mostly fruit. When I was starting to be fully raw.

  • RondrekaRondreka Raw Newbie

    I never counted calories I ate as much as I wanted to... The first time I went raw, I lost 14 pounds in 21 days and I was eating all day.... and I was not over weight to begin with....

  • Plantbased_powPlantbased_pow Raw Newbie
    Count to make sure you are getting enough in, but only a rough estimate, or it can become an obsessive habit. Yes eating less will cause you to loose weight, but muscle too and you won’t really loose much fat. Eat enough to see results in burning fat. Get enough fats and proteins in from lentils/peas and nuts/seeds. The extra weight will come off if your body needs it too. Also be mindful of sugar, too much causes fat gain. Stick to LOTS of veggies and SOME fruit. And look into your gut health too, ginger garlic onions and fermented foods might help you too, and fennel is good to aid in digestion. And WATER!!!! Drink more than enough, don’t think you can get most of it from your food.
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