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Extremely High Cholesterol :(



  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    That’s amazing! It really shows, how much ‘genetic’ really means, if it can be solved by eating like you’re meant to. Right on juleskess :c)

  • Socal- thats your(or dr Grahams) point of view. A lot of us function very good, to say the least, on a higher fat percentage than 10. Fx I may take in 400 cal from fat but to maintain my weight I have to have about 2000. Its physically impossible for me to eat 1600 from veggies and fruit, and i dont feel particurlaly awesome eating 10 bananas for breakfast. That said I have days where my fat intake is pretty low. I do agree with you that humans dont need to take in cholesterol, our body is making sufficient amounts. Another thing about fat is that all cellmembranes is made out of fat, our nerves is incased in fatmembranes, a lot of the enzymes in the fatmetabolism is made from fat, so is male and female sex hormones(steroids) its important for our joints and there are also important vitamins in fatty foods like avocado. What Im trying to say is that everybody is individual and so should their diet be. By the way: phytosterol is a sterol that is similar to cholesterol and is found in plantfood. The difference is that our absorbtion in the intestine is very low, showing that green plants should be our main foodsource. Phytosterol also lowers the comcentration of plasma cholesterol, another reason to grase on the greens.

  • Another couple of suggestions:

    1. Raw garlic. Raw garlic has the effect of actually dissolving the plaque in your arteries, then removing it from your body. Of course, this DOES lead to a short- or longer-term (but not long-term) rise in your cholesterol, but I think it’s worth it (especially since it cleans out your insides!)

    2. DROP THE OILS; use whole foods only. He’s not raw, but check out http://drmcdougall.com for why.

    Last time I checked, my cholesterol was 151, total. I don’t know how much it is now – but I should get it checked again.. hmmm..

    P.S. I will also note that the 151 reading was coming down from 270+ when I was 12 (last reading before that).

  • Socal- thats your(or dr Grahams) point of view.

    lushpapaya: Actually this is your point of view. Many centuries of scientific research and evidence has shown that Dr. Graham is correct. All of the species of animals with similar bodies to our own eat and thrive on a diet that is composed of less than 10% of it’s calories from fat. The evidence goes on and on. You might be able to eat 20% fat for years and not even know that if you tried to go with 10% you would be feeling even better. If that is good enough for you, then don’t change it, if you want to thrive, and be at your best potential then make a goal to get to 10% or less and you’ll see the difference.

  • Juleskess—Life extension foundation offers blood tests without a prescription I think. (I’ve never personally used their services so I’m not positive.) I just checked and they offer the Complete Blood Count for 47.00. (That includes HDl, ldl, total cholesterol, creatinine, all that business.)

    Here’s a link—life extension foundation blood tests page

  • Socal: I have been below the 10% an didnt feel particularly awesome. If it works for you, fine but it didnt do it for me. As I said before, we are all different and what suit one person might not suit another. Btw what research? any sources?

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Isn’t it a matter of climate as well? You can’t survive on 10% at every climate, but you can at our ideal which would be tropical. I know if I had to eat trace amount of fat here in the Winnipeg winter I would probably not be able to handle it (even less than I can already, heh) There are a lot of other factors, really nothing is perfect for everyone.

  • Hey guys! Wow, glad this board is rolling.

    Juleskess, I'm so impressed!! Where did you get the cholesterol testing kit and was it expensive?? If this is genetic I might want to keep tabs on my cholesterol over time and it may be a good investment.

    SocaL – thanks for the link, I will be watching the video shortly. It makes a lot of sense what you say about our closest relatives eating a low fat diet, but they do spend most of their eating, don’t they? I’m curious as to what you eat on a daily basis, because I find it hard to eat enough calories unless I include fats.

    lovermine – thanks for the tip! I looove garlic, and including it is actually pretty easy. I had no idea it cleaned out your arteries, thats great news.

    Well, as it turns out, my grandmother came to visit and she has thyroid disease as well as high cholesterol. I’m seeing a pattern here in three generations, so I will definitely get my thyroid checked at the doctor tomorrow.

    Wish me luck!

  • Odalys – You can buy it at a drugstore. It is a one time use test, much like a pregnancy test. The one I bought had two tests in it for $19. I had to use them both because I was so in doubt of the first result, but they keep for a long time, so you can buy a pack and test every few months or whatever you like. Supposedly you can buy a more expensive digital test that will give you your HDL and LDL breakdowns. I read that this is available for over the counter purchase, but I went to many pharmacies looking for it and no one had heard of it. The one time, total cholesterol ones were all I found.I am still planning to go to the doc and get tested when my insurance kicks in. This feels too good to be true, though both tests read the same way. Good luck!

  • _Morning-theft. That true that the climate is a factor, but most of us also live unnatural lifes. In an ideal world we would roam the rainforest living on greens,fruits and seeds but we dont. We live in a world full of pollution, not just the chemical kind, stress, all kind of influenses. Most of us dont grow our own food and have to work hard for the money(an organic pineapple in denmark can cost up to 15$) and a lot of people is not active enough. Its a long way from our vegan ancestors. I have the opinion that as long its 100% raw, then its fine. I know it works for me.

  • I just read the China Study and it talks about cholestral..This book is a must read for everyone! It talks about disease and genetics. A vegan diet is the only way to go.

    Great job Julekess!

    Thats what the China study is all about…conquering disease with diet!


  • i haven`t read the other posts so forgive me if i`m being redundant. how much cholesterol each person`s body makes on its own is different so what is normal for one is not normal for another. the breakdown of ldl and hdl is important. exercise helps lower cholesterol. there is also an herb/supplement called red yeast rice that you can get from health food stores and i`m sure online. it isn`t very expensive if i`m remembering right and it`s all natural. no ill effects on the liver. it`s makeup is like that of the cholesterol that our bodies make so it`s actually tricking your body and telling it not to produce cholesterol. to me it`s a great herb. check into it before taking prescription meds. patty

  • juleskess – thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out at walgreens.

    amikalee – yes! the china is an excellent book. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with so much research to back up an statement. I found it funny he mentions “vegan” diet only once or twice throughout the book, instead focuses on WHOLE unprocessed foods. Hey, that’s what raw is all about!

    patty – I’ve never heard of red yeast rice, I will definitely check it out before taking any meds. I googled it, and this is what I found : http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?...

    Looks like this stuff is used in prescription meds!!

  • I’m bumping up this thread because after seeing a doctor and getting all kinds of tests done…

    ...Drum roll please…

    ...my cholesterol went UP! A grand total of 286 ( 234 a little over a month ago) HDL- 82 LDL – 179

    I’d really like to know how that’s possible.

    My hemoglobin was also on the low side 11.5 (range 11.7-15.5)

    But what bugs me the most is that all my thyroid tests came back normal. T3 22 (range 22-35) T4 1.0 (range 0.8-1.8) TSH 0.88 (range 0.4-4.5)

    Despite the fact that I’ve got most of the symptoms for a hypothyroid (including high cholesterol and a nodule on my neck!)

    Sigh, I’m just venting. At first I was nervous to find something wrong with me, but I think getting normal test results when I know there’s something wrong is much worse.

    I’m going to have to take this raw thing more seriously, my biggest problem is a lack of support. If anything all I get is criticism.

  • Wow, that makes me want to get mine tested again. It was high a year ago, but that was just before I discovered raw foods. I’m curious where mine would be now. High cholesterol runs in my family, apparently…

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    You’re unhappy that you thyroid isn’t a problem??? Are you insane??? Sorry… I should be more supportive than this but… You should be happy! You’re cholesterol is a little high… That’s not a big deal, it is easily reversible, it isn’t as complex of a problem as hypothyroidism! Be happy with these results, you now know that you CAN solve this problem with less obstacles than you originally thought. Keep watching your diet. Are you still detoxing? Since you probably still are, give yourself some time, give your body time to heal. And don’t worry! I’m pretty sure despair raises your cholesterol ;c)

  • lol, morning_theft – the reason why I’m upset that my thyroid tests came back normal is because I have almost every symptom in the book for hypothyroid, including a huge lump on my neck. So there’s obviously something WRONG, just it’ll be more difficult to figure out what. (My doctor agreed, telling me that I should be running to see an endocrinologist)

  • Just to reiterate, you should look into Doug’s book. In my family there is also high cholesterol, my dad is on those statin drugs for years and years, my brother has had some high levels also. I have levels that are lower than the ranges listed on the results sheets that the labs send out to the doctors. Having something run in the family doesn’t mean a thing if you live a healthy lifestyle. Genetic problems only get triggered when you neglect your health, not when you live healthy.

  • I looked into doug’s book socaL – amazon has it for 30 dollars, that’s kind of pricey for me. I can barely afford my apartment. Do you know anywhere else I can get it cheap?

  • You seem to be willing to buy kits to verify your HDL and LDL for $19 but unwilling to spend $30 for the book. It doesn’t seem like an affordability issue to me (IMO). You could ask a library if they have it and if they do not maybe they will buy it so you can read it. It’s relatively new so I don’t think there are many used copies around. I checked on ebay and there is nobody selling it there. I would offer you my copy if you paid the shipping but I lent my copy to a friend in San Diego and he has not given it back to me yet.

  • Socal – I don’t expect you to understand, but 30 dollars is very pricey for a book. I have a limit to how much I’m willing to spend on certain things, just like I wouldn’t spend more than 20 dollars on a pair of shoes I don’t spend more than 13 on a book. That’s just how I manage my money and so far its kept me afloat.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I’m actually going to have to agree… $30 is a lot of money, especially for a book, which she will read once and most likely stick on her shelf… I also have money problems and I will spend $2800 (painfully) to go see my family but won’t shell out $30 on a book. priorities are important.

  • lanatlanat Raw Newbie

    Hi this is really interesting conversation going around here. I would like to know if being on Raw diet, is it really helpful for lowering ones cholesterol. I have VLDL and can I benefit from raw food diet? Are there any natural cholesterol reducers (read in article) anyone can suggest?

  • elissawilliamselissawilliams Raw Newbie
    edited August 2022

    The body at the same try to reduce the bad cholesterol level in the body because it will make several bad effects. Another one thing the Good high cholesterol is supporting to functioning the blood flow and liver functions. Try to add the unwanted food diets and junk foods in the daily food diet. It may help to avoid the bad cholesterol formation in the body.

  • giop6giop6 Raw Newbie
    edited August 2022
    odalys said:

    Hey guys, I’m hoping for some advice, since I’m extremly dissapointed and scared. I donated blood last week for the first time, this week I got to find out my blood type and cholesterol level. It turns out it is 234! I’ve been a vegan for almost a year and have been 50-80% raw for some months now. It’s just really scary to know that I’m eating healthier than I have my whole life and my cholesterol level reflects that of an overweight SAD diet american.

    I guess my question is, what could be causing this and how can I lower my cholesterol to a safer range?


    Many foods are believed to significantly lower LDL cholesterol. Fiber-rich foods are said to be particularly beneficial. Fiber will lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and help the bowel function properly, reducing the risk of colon and bowel cancer. Many other foods can help the body fight back against these dangerous deposits.

    Some Fiber-rich foods are oat bran, barley, and wheat bran. They can be eaten as a cereal for breakfast and sprinkled onto other foods. Pearl barley can be added to soups. Apples and pears also have considerable amounts of soluble fiber and should be enjoyed daily.


  • walishahwalishah Raw Newbie

    Great thread i will keep it in my mind

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