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Green Smoothies = No energy!!

dogsuponhotcatsdogsuponhotcats Raw Newbie

It’s so weird, on this forum and other raw forums, I see “green smoothies” being pushed on people as the cure for low energy (LOL, no offense, but “pushed” is quite an appropriate way to describe it!)

I eat one salad (regular bowl) a day in order to get my greens, and I never have issues with it.

But every time I try drink a green smoothie, I just get totally EXHAUSTED, spacy and I get completely insane cravings for sweets – COOKED sweets – even a bunch of Larabars don’t satisfy these bad boys.

I always drink the green smoothies as a meal, on an empty stomach. I’ve tried it with banana. I’ve tried it with lower sugar fruits, like apples. I’ve tried it with NO fruits at all. I’ve tried it with “superfood” concoctions. I’ve tried adding raw protein sources to it.

But, no matter what, any time I blend my greens, it’s all over for me. :o(

However, I DID have green juice before (with the same ingredients I used for the smoothies, sans banana), which made me HYYPPERRR and HAPPY, but I don’t have a juicer anymore, I really, really can’t afford one, and there’s no juice bars in my area.

What am I doing wrong? I’m like the ONLY person who drinks green smoothies and end up comatose!!



  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    Hey dog, first of all, green smoothies aren’t a cure-all. They are actually a “fiber-filled” juice concoction. When you juice the stuff in a juicer, as opposed to a vita-mix/blender, you’re getting all the nutrients, minus the fiber, which is why you probably feel better. Your body doesn’t need to break down all the fiber to get the good stuff into your system. I would just take it easy and work on the other stuff you’re eating before you dive into green smoothies.

  • antakaranahantakaranah Raw Newbie

    I’ve experienced the same thing months ago. Hanging around the Hippocrates Institute and getting some feedback on this topic I learned a lot. One thing is in regards to juicing your veggies. It will take less than 20 minutes for you to utilize the nutrients and benefits from juiced greens. If you are just blending veggies without juicing them then yes it’s going to take a bit to digest. Take into consideration that it takes approximately 4 hours to digest proteins and 2-3 hours for vegetables. So it can depend on the time of day you drink it, the health of your intestinal tract and the ability of your small intestines to absorb nutrients and the ability of your large intestines to absorb vitamins and water. It is also important to be aware of water consumption; did you drink to close to having the smoothie? Drinking during to close to eating or having a blended smoothie will dilute the digestive juices not allowing the body to receive the nutrients from the food.

    Food combination is a major player in this. There are improper food combinations that will impact your ability to receive optimal benefits from your consumption. For example; don’t mix proteins and carbs. So if you had any carbohydrate (which can take 2-3 hours to digest) before or after you had a smoothie you may feel out of it. Foods digest at different rates in different acid/alkaline environments. When bad food combining takes place, poor assimilation occurs and you do not get the proper intake of nutrients from your food.

    It is best to drink green drinks on an empty stomach and to not eat immediately afterwards.

    I don’t know your choice for taking this dietary path but if like many you have gone beyond simple sensory impulses then working with your bodies natural rhythm, its state of natural digestion, assimilation, integration and so on will not only be important, it can bring you joy.

    • If you are looking for affordable juicers, check craigs list and even sears will carry juicers under $50 which are better than having nothing if you are looking to juice.
  • Hi dog

    I have been experiencing this too.. I think I discovered the problem for ME. ( I say for me , because it may not be the same issue for you!!)

    I have made lots of green smoothies and then felt completely exhausted about a half hour laster, when just before I was so clear and energized. I was surprised by this,, and discovered that if put a banana in it, I would be totally wiped out. But when I made them without the banana, I was fine!!

    So..I am going to keep seeing what works and what doesn’t . Perhaps it is banana for you too.. as you said that you made a green smoothies with banana, but juice without it… so that is what tipped me off!

    Hope you figure it out! EJ

  • dogsuponhotcatsdogsuponhotcats Raw Newbie

    Sue – That’s interesting, does fiber really zonk you out? I can eat tons of whole flaxseeds, dates, seeds, nuts with no problem, but maybe I’m trying to run before I can walk. I am still succumbing to cooked JUNK food whenever I’m in a social setting, sooo…

    Antakaranah – Yeah, I don’t drink water for a while before or after, although I do add it to my smoothies, or else my rusty elderly blender wouldn’t even be able to blend it to a sludge! Never realized what a science this is. o.O

    ejshames – Unfortunately, even without bananas or ANY fruit for that matter, green smoothies make me feel like I’m on a drug withdrawal (not that I would know..)

  • So is adding about one cup of water to the blender for your green smoothie bad?? I know water will dilute the nutrients, but will one cup have the same effect??

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    dogsup..I can’t say for certain if it’s the fiber that zonks you out. Maybe the combo of whatever you’re adding to your smoothie is too much for you to handle. I was eating raw and juicing (with a juicer, as opposed to a vitamix) for many months before I started making “green smoothies” and sometimes I’m not so sure they work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and have them everyday, I just don’t know why I feel wiped out sometimes, and totally energized at others. (OK, I have an idea, but I can’t say if smoothies are a help or a hinderence at times.) I would take eloisaweesa’s suggestion and add water. I always put 4 cups of purified water in my blender when I make a smoothie. Trial and error…Keep me posted on your progress.

  • dogsuponhotcatsdogsuponhotcats Raw Newbie

    I always add water to my smoothies. I have to, otherwise my blender will come out with green “stew” instead of a green “smoothie”. LOL I probably add from 1 to 4 cups, depending on what’s in the smoothie. But it still doesn’t work…I’m wondering if it’s because my blender is old and rusty…I kid you not, it’s older than me. LOL

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    interesting….. i notice that when I throw bananas in my green smoothies I need a nap about an hour later… get that zombie feeling. It feels like a sugar rush, then a crash

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    wow same for me with bananas unless there are the little brown/red ones that are twice the price they are lower in sugar and have more potassium and banana flavor. I was curious what greens you are using we have found that quality organic kale and baby spring mix work best for us not spinach for some reason. It is so diff person to person but for me berries and kale is best with whatever supp I desire that day(usually spirulina is my energy booster)

    but I must admit green juice resonates best with me but I have yet to find a good used juicer still looking though :)

    Good Luck

  • jackies1631jackies1631 Raw Newbie
    I've noticed when I eat fruit and fat combined I fell less energetic. If I have fruit first and then have an avocado or some nuts afterwards I do much better.
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Juicing always give me more energy. Maybe it is the lack of fiber, since fiber is known for slowing down the digestive system and thus our whole system to some degree. 

  • ivimiivimi Raw Newbie


    also do you go outside on a regular base? It's most of the time not just one thing. You have to have a look at everything. Are you very stressed out because of something, or aren't you getting enough air and movement? Have close look at what you are doing and eating and drinking when and also where and maybe write everything down. Than have a look at it and think about the influences!

    you are going to be okay!

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