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Non-sweet Breakfast Smoothie?

okay all you brillant creative people! I need to find a couple of different recipes for morning shakes/smoothies that are very filling/satisfying and do NOT contain any fruit, or anything sweet. (Its a long story as to why). Ive found a few recipes, but i need to come up with a few more. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions? All of my favorite smoothies have fruit and im at a loss.

Thanks for any help!


  • Nothing sweet at all, or nothing with blood sugar impact? The real question is – can you do Stevia? I recently beat Candida and Stevia was a help.

    Bitter greens with Cranberry Juice (the real stuff) can work. I don’t know about smoothies, but we do this with juice fairly often. The Cranberries cut the nasty taste but the whole batch of juice is still fairly sour. I find it quite palatable – much better than Chard juice alone. OK, Cranberries are technically a fruit, but sure don’t taste like it in their natural state!

    How about some soups? Cucumber/Tahini w/ garlic and lemon (OK, lemon is a fruit). Or curried carrot/avocado? Cucumber/avocado is a nice base, and I’ll be you could add greens and seasonings to make something quite tasty. I normally do apple with that combo, but you could take it to the savory side since it is pretty bland.

    Good luck with this!

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Odessa, I made a shake kind of thing with leftovers and it was good. It reminded me a little of hollandaisse sauce and I was thinking it would be good to use poured over asparagas or other things. I made a salad yesterday with 1 avocado, 1 tomato, half a yellow pepper, red and green onions, garlic, olive oil, and lemon. I had that over spinach but had about half left so later I put at least 16 oz of water in the blender with a little dry mustard, salt and pepper and added about a quarter cup of cashews till smooth. Then I added half of the salad mixture and added another handful of spinach and blended till smooth. I poured this over the other half of the salad from the day before. It was warm and really good. It was a huge bowl and I had about half a cup left over for this morning. It had thickened up a little and was more like a sauce. I added sunflower seeds and sprouts. It also would have worked as a salad dressing. I don’t know if this helps but it was suprisingly good. You could top it with flax seeds and eat like yogert. I hope this helps. Do you have any ingredients that are not available?

  • Thank you both for your suggestions. I am trying to help a friend of mine transition to raw. When i asked him why he is avoiding sweet things this is what he said “I have a skin condition – psoriasis. If I have anything sweet (fruit, any of the most natural sweeteners or any of the nightshades (tomato, red pepper, eggplant, etc.); or citrus – I get an itch,inflammations, etc.”

    Im wondering if raisin soak water would work as a sweetner. I definately have to go put on my thinking cap now though – Most of my favorite recipes have at least one of these ingredients that i need to avoid! Eep! On a side note, any thoughts as to whether going raw would help overcome this condition?

    Anyhow – Thanks again for your input.:)

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Odessa. I think eating raw could help your friend because of the extra vitamins and beneficial fats he will get. Has he tried taking borage oil, rose hips, omega 3s, vit e etc. before? If you get truely raw almonds and ate those they would add a lot of vitamin e to his diet. If he can eat blueberries, raspberries, apples, strawberries, watermelon, and cherries they would make great smoothies. Cantelope or honey dew would also be good with a little mint.

  • I’m most of the way thru getting rid of my psoriasis (seborrheic dermatitis). Food has helped a bit, though the real healing has come from EFT/QT (forms of energy psychology). I can’t have wheat, dairy, soy, nightshades, melons, berries (except cranberries), or ripe bananas. I can have green bananas. In my experience, eliminating foods to which one is toxic – raw and organic or not – is a help. But it won’t be a real cure for him unless nutrition is his cause. Mine is emotional.

    You might ask him if he’s tried Stevia. It is quite different from anything else since its an herb.

    Geez, citrus too? That IS tough.

    writeeternity made great suggestions on supplements. Omega balance is EXTREMELY critical, especially for skin issues.

    Soaked sunflower seeds and water are another great base for smoothies.

    Your friend is lucky to have you!

  • Thanks for all the support guys. I really appreciate it! :)

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I just made a substitute for V-8. It was lettuce, tomato, red bell pepper, a clove of garlic, cucumber, celery, zucchini and yellow squash. I also put in a dash of agave, nama shouyu and cayenne pepper. Normally I would eat this as a soup with cut up veggies, but I added more water this time and drank it. The seasoning can be varied or left out all together. He could always add ground flax, chia or hempseed for the omega 3/6’s.

    Raisin soak water is high in sugar.

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Two things: Salt Fresh Herbs

    A little Himalayan crystal salt (or basic celtic sea salt) – if your friend can have a pinch – will make smoothies taste better without fruit. AND fresh herbs in the “non-sweet” or “veggie” smoothies will make them really delicious. Great nutrition in herbs (basil, oregano, rosemary, mint, etc).Oh, and ginger is nice, too!

    Chef Kristen Suzanne


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