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Personal Crisis Threw Me Off

Hi everyone— No sooner did I join these forums and begin my transition to raw, but an extremely difficult personal crisis threw me way, way off. Not only have I not been able to try to be any percentage raw, but I have not had a fruit or vegetable in days and days. I am in alot of emotional pain, and have been literally stumbling through my days, not caring what I put in my mouth. I know no one here knows me yet, so I feel a little odd coming out with this. Yet, I know in the back of my mind that probably one of THE most self-regarding and gentlest things I can do to get through this time is to focus on raw foods. I need the ease and lightness in my body and the clearing of my mind and emotions. I’m so scattered that all I can think of is to get a lot of bananas tomorrow, maybe some pineapple, and start over. Is it ok if I just eat this for a couple of days? I feel like such heavy, toxic cr*p right now, on every level. I’m very sad and wrung out and I could really use some encouragement. Meanwhile, it feels good to be back here, reading. Thank you!


  • It’s difficult to say what anyone’s nutritional needs will be when they are in a crisis, since everyone has their own special conditions and requirements. But eating a lot of celery (almost a whole head of it, stalk after stalk) helped me a lot once when I was in a crisis. Any greens, plus some healthy oil – like “Udo

  • One more thing: when you’ve been thrown off-course it is possible to get back on-course (with much effort) by 1) intentionally seeking to engage in practical activities (in place of those about which you can do nothing, and which are usually in the past) and 2) to especially focus on those things in your life which are very important to you and bring you happiness. One, or some, of those important things may be gone from your life and are the reason you are currently in pain. But putting your efforts into the remaining things which make your life significant will help you to recover your composure. It will at least provide a modicum of relief from the otherwise constant pressure of loss/negativity and drain on your metaphysical outlook.

  • I have not been raw long enough to give any nutritional info, but I can give you some ideas that may help ease the stress. Meditation helped me more than anything when I was quite low. If you haven’t practiced before there are some great books and CDs out there. The assistance of a certified therapist may also help you release some anxiety. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. (Let me know if you need any book/CD authors or titles.)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi LovesPeter, I think the kindest most self loving thing to do would be to find some recipes you like the look of and make them. If sweet food comforts you, make some raw pancakes, or puddings, or if it is salty stuff than makes you feel nice, make some savoury recipes. I found that just fruit and veggies on their own didn’t help me transition, or get me out of low energy…it was finding recipes and making an effort to makes them that brought me up into a new level of self esteem. Taking care of yourself by indulging in delicious recipes really is like giving yourself a big hug.

    I hope that you see the light at the end of this tunnel you are in soon. You should congratulate yourself for finding raw foods, and knowing it is right for you, doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get back in there. You have seen the Light, where millions of others have not.

    Sending you my best wishes and happy vibes.

    p.s. Basil is a good mood enhancer.

  • Thank you all for your kind messages and helpful suggestions. I love this site because I feel the lightness of everyone’s vibration and it clearly is the raw food. I so needed to hear what each of you have said :)

    I will try to gently bring myself back to the path I really do want to be on.

    * Best wishes *

  • I’d be glad to send you distant Reiki if you’d like. :-)

  • Yes! I WOULD like….:)

    That’s very kind of you, Suzy.

  • Hey lovesPeter, I HEAR YOU!!!!! I am also having a hard time going through a very large life change, with many ups and downs. I am also having a hard time taking care of myself, when you have to focus on survival and daily care of children etc it makes it hard to take care of yourself when you are drained and your heart is broken. Today I ate a bag of grapes and I bought and ate half a bag of living intentions Rosemary Garlic Almonds and pistachios, I bought some pomegranites, which are all my favorites to try to remind myself how sweet and full of life taking care of myself can be! I dont really have any advice except THIS TOO SHALL PASS and chanting has really helped me. Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha…... Peace Love and Light to all

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