wheatgrass juice taste

ok, i have a bit of a problem. i know how good wheatgrass is for you, i know what it does, i’ve read all about it, etc. etc. etc.

just one thing

i cannot tolerate the taste. it literally makes me gag. but i really really really want to drink it, and i technically can, but i find myself thinking of excuses of why i shouldn’t drink it and rationalizing it and what not, because i don’t like the taste. does anybody have a recipe that would more or less cancel out the taste of wheatgrass, like juicing it with other things? thanks!


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Unfortunately I’ve never had it but I hear it tastes really bad if you are not used to it. What about starting out with really small amounts and working up as you develop a tolerance for the taste? Have you ever heard of anyone vitamixing it into their green smoothie or do you have to juice it to reap the benefits? Sorry to answer your question with a question but it would be something I would definitely grow if vitamixing it is an option.

  • I’ve heard of people mixing wheatgrass juice with their smoothies. BUT I’ve also heard that wheatgrass is best taken on an empty stomach.

    I had wheatgrass for the first time this past week at a restaurant… and it was sweet. I don’t know it its naturally like that or if they added agave. You can try sweetening it up, it made it palatable for me, even though it tasted like lawn :o)

    Another way to think about it: When people drink hard alcohol (cognac, etc) they tastes is GROSS but they do it because they want to feel good afterward.. right? Well, wheatgrass is more or less the same thing. Good luck with your wheatgrass!

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I used to almost gag when I drank it but now it tastes ok. I didn’t force myself to drink it when it tasted bad, so it’s not an acquired taste. I’ve heard that once you’ve purified a bit it tastes more palatable.

    My personal opinion is that you can get the same benefit from any greens. I’m a bit fan of the green smoothie these days.

  • My way of dealing with the awful taste is to hold my breath, shoot it down and then follow with some fresh apple juice before I take a another breath. When I was pregnant it was the only way I could get it down. Although I must say that I only find juice bar wheatgrass unbearable, the stuff we grow ourselves naturally in the sun has a very pleasant taste.

  • ZaZa Raw Newbie

    Oh dear. People, please don’t eat food that makes you gag! :(

    I think we can learn a lot by listening to our own bodies’ responses to foods! If a natural raw food tastes bad to you, perhaps it’s your body’s way of telling you that you don’t need that food right now, or, worse, that that particular food might be detrimental to your health at this time.

    I have had an interesting experience with wheatgrass. I had only known wheatgrass juice through this one juice bar. I had tried it several times (because so many people had said it was “so good for you” etc.) but found it absolutely disgusting. I’m not into pain. So I just gave up on it. Then one day I tried growing it myself at home, in the open window, juiced it and found it rather good. I went back to the juice bar to ask their opinion on the matter, and they confessed that their wheatgrass often was found to have mold growing in it, which is an extremely common problem with wheatgrass everywhere, but especially when it’s grown indoors, as it is in most shops/restaurants, and that the mold causes “subtle” changes in flavor, even after it’s rinsed off.

    So do keep this in mind, and please remember you have taste buds for a reason!

  • I have found that old wheatgrass (overgrown) gets especially bitter and unpalateable. New, fresh, young sprouts are sweeter. Also try growing different varieties of wheat, there are many and they taste different. Also, you can always mix it with other juices like apple, carrot and ginger to help.

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