best online tahini?

i can’t find raw tahini at my health food stores, so do you have any recommendations for a reasonably priced, delicious raw tahini you can buy online?


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie
  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    much obliged =)

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Make your own!

    Simply take organic hulled sesame seeds and put them in the food processor until they turn into a butter. You can also add a tad of olive oil, if desired. Inexpensive and fresh! You might need to stop it once or twice (if it’s heating up too much) for a brief moment. It’ll take you only minutes to make :)


  • KristensRaw, Great suggestion. I actually have some sesame seeds in my pantry to make some tahini for the first time. Raw tahini comes very sporadically at my grocer. I have ordered from livingtree community as well. very good stuff. Their agave chocolate syrup is to live for as well:)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I have made my own tahini before. I use some hulled sesame seeds that a friend gave me that she didn’t want any more. It turned out pretty good but still tasted different than the jarred stuff.

    Does anyone know if the you should really be using hulled or unhulled if you make at home? (can you even get unhulled ones?) Sesame seeds are so small I am imagining that it would be hard to hull them with out heat?

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Yes, you can buy unhulled sesame seeds. I always use hulled seeds for my tahini and it tastes deliciously fresh.

    I think the difference between tahini in the jar, versus making it fresh, in part has to do with the (true) lack of freshness available from the jar version. I do like Living Tree Community’s (when I don’t have homemade tahini on hand), although I find Living Tree Community’s to be on the “runnier” side. When I make mine at home, I don’t use anything but the seeds and “sometimes” a smidge of olive oil. Therefore, it’s intensely full of tahini flavor (I love!) and thick. Being super fresh is what sets it apart from buying it in the store.


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    cool kristen. i like cheap A LOT better. i’ll try that.

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