My food processor let me down !

My food processor broke down yesterday ! I used it to grind some nuts to make some breakfeast bars and not even 5 min later i was in the middle of an other recipe and it just wasnt working !!!!! Obviously ill have to return it ( the best of all i caint find the bill), but if i need to grind nuts of wtv, what else can i use ? or can i cut my nuts in small pieces with a knife and use my blender or is it gonna damage it ?!!


  • Put them in a ziploc bag (or similar) and hit them with a heavy object (rolling pin, hammer etc) until they are the desired size!

  • My coffee grinder works well for grinding nuts (in small quantities).

  • Hi Melissa12345, I bought a food processer from Black and Decker about 4 months ago and over 2 months the jar broke off piece by piece. I called them and they sent me a new jar. I loved that I didn’t have to get rid of the rest of the processer and just replaced the ONE broken piece. So, you may be able to do the same. Good Luck.

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