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I'm breaking out...help please!

I have been raw for 11 days now!

Also, it has been 11 days off of Proactive (which I have been on for the past 5 years). Proactive worked great at first, but recently it started to loose its effect (and my conscience was getting to me about the chemicals I was putting on my body).

I know I am detoxing right now, and breakouts are expected, but it is soooo painful! My face feels dry, yet oily and super red. I am using Dr. Bronners Tea Tree soap and tea tree oil on the blemishes.

I would really appreciate any words of encouragement, my husband actually hid the Proactive from me. Also, suggestions on facial regimens/soaps used by others would be great. Keep in mine I have oily/sensitive skin.

Thanks in advance!


  • I found that tea tree oil made my face all bumpy. So maybe its partially that. Its probably particularly harsh because of all those chemicals still in the skin on your face, from when it seeped into your pores. Now its all trying to come out.

    So, my advice would honestly be to just use nothing. Scrub your face well with a cloth and with water. Let it detox itself, eat / drink cleansing things.

    Best of luck! And know you’re not the only one going through a harsh detox :-\

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    I found tea tree oil to be kind of strong too, and I agree that the best thing to use is nothing, your body will balance itself out. I wouldn’t (and dont) even use soap. The one thing that I always notice amazing results with is coconut oil, it works wonders.

    Another thing you might try using is urine. I know it sounds weird (although it shouldn’t because its in almost every skin product as ‘urea’) but i’ve heard about it being the body’s own medicine and giving miraculous results, especially for skin conditions. apparently its not a waste product, its sterile, and its very commonly used in asian/foreign countries. why we dont know about it? probably because everyone has their own unlimited supply, not much money to make off of that! google it! but if you dont try that… id still highly recommend coconut oil.

  • As you discovered with Proactive, treating adult acne topically doesn’t really solve the problem. At 40, my acne of 18 years got dramatically better when I got off of wheat and dairy and treated my Candida overgrowth issue. I did my Candida with Grapefruit Seed extract and tea tree oil (internally) in addition to avoiding sweets (including sweet fruit for a while), and everything fermented (including vinegar). The only return of acne I’ve had in months has been during a liver/colon detox regimen.

    If I need anything topically, I have found that willow bark extract (salicylic acid) works well for me. Bronner’s roasted my skin! I now use coconut oil as a moisturizer as well. You can add a drop or 2 of tee tree oil to it in your palm before applying if you find that tee tree is helpful but too potent.

  • Thanks, Katie, Kundalalita, and Jenoz.

    I am going to try to use only water and a wash cloth on my face, in fact I did just that this morning. I have been applying vitamin E oil on the sores where the tea tree totally burned off my skin. I will to try the coconut oil tonight!

    As for the urine thing…I have heard about that, and I did know someone several years ago who tryed it (I don’t remember the outcome). I think I will try using just water to see if I get a balance out of that first.

    I belive that I may have Candida. Do you have any suggestions, Jenoz?...What foods should I eat/not eat and how much grapefuit seed extract and tea tree should I take orally?

    Thanks again!

  • Raw_ChocoholicRaw_Chocoholic Raw Newbie

    I also broke out when doing a liver/colon detox. I think it might have been because of all the applejuice I was drinking = higher sugar levels. Either way I’ve now moved to doing the Colonix program, but the problem still hasn’t cleared up.

    Even though I absolutely hated it, when I did the master cleanse I had the best skin ever. You might want to consider doing that to help with detox.

    There are some great homemade skin masks, scrubs, and creams over at http://www.care2.com/greenliving/

  • Get some sunshine on your face. The sun will kill the bacteria and seriously assist your body with detox. Sunshine is so important for your skin, you will see amazing results.. there is much less risk this time of year for burns, too.

  • I’ve been having hooooorrible breakouts for the past couple of months and I can’t figure out WHATS causing it. (Went 100% raw only a month ago). But here are some things that I have been doing:

    - apply tomato or lemon juice on my face (they have AHAs that get rid of dead cells and increase production of new) then I rise off and apply aloe vera overnight. Aloe penetrates most layers of the dermis ad moisturizes. I also use coconut oil from time to time.

    I have heard that papaya applied to the face is excellent, as well as cucumber juice.

    My best advice though: focus on getting enough liquids! and if you happen to have acne scars, then its best to stay away from the sun, as they will get darker.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I can’t use straight tea tree oil either – burns my skin too. I have use a product from Desert Essence which is a dilute half strength tea oil (it does contain alcohol though) which doesn’t burn my skin – i think it is called Kinder to Skin. maybe try that to help the pimple dry up while you detoxing out?

    I would use nothing too just water and let your body heal itself. MSM lotion helps me to get rid of pimples if I get any. It also helps heal acne scars – even old ones.

  • Thanks Raw_Chocoholic, Mamastinky, and Odalys for the support!

    Raw_Chocoholic, my husband did the master cleanse…and I have thought about doing it. I am a little scared because I tend to shakey and dizzy without having food for too long (like 3-4 hours).

    Mamastinky, I wish I could be in the sun more often, but my job (office assistant) keeps me inside for most of the day! I will have to wait till the weekend.

    Odalys, are you seeing progress with the application of tomato/lemon juice and aloe vera? Have you seen progress since being 100% raw for a month now?

  • Find out for sure if you have a Candida issue by taking one of the various multiple choice tests on the web (google Candida), or do the ‘spit test’ (google Candida spit test).

    I did a product called TriGuard for 2 months (grapefruit seed extract, tee tree oil and colloidal gold), then switched to ProSilver 240 (ionic silver). In theory, you can get Candida under control with diet alone, and raw is certainly a BIG step in the right direction. The catch is – basically – no fruit or root veges. That’s pretty tough. It is Gabriel Cousens’ Phase I. I need those foods for general health and sanity!!! So I cheated and used the products. Triguard was 7 drops 2X per day. I got really tired of my mouth always tasting like grapefruit rind. ProSilver 240 is 1 drop or spray for each 50 lbs. of body weight, 2x per day. You still have to limit fruit for a while or you’ll be doing it forever. And nothing fermented is important as well. I’m sure you’ll find food recommendations on the Candida sites.

    For me, the Candida link answered the question of why I could never get my acne to go totally away no matter what I did. It also explains why my parents, who are in their 70s, are STILL getting zits. Topical preparations can be very helpful and comforting, but they are treating symptoms. You have to treat the root cause of the problem for permanent relief!!!

    Good luck and I’ll be visualizing clear skin for you!

  • itouristitourist Raw Newbie

    When I first started juicing, I started breaking out horribly on my chin. I figured I was eating very well and taking Fish Oil Omega 3 pharmaceutical grade pills.

    For about a year the break outs did not go away. I was trying all kinds of skin products and using all types of wishful thinking.

    Last summer, I stopped taking the Fish Oil pills and started eating raw more correctly. I quit drinking Almond milk at breakfast time. I quit consuming nuts daily. I quit putting bottled fruit juices in my smoothies.

    Low and behold my zits went away (after a year of angst) when I started eating more fruit for breakfast and switched my morning drink to a green drink (celery, parsley, onions) instead of carrot juice. The reason bottled fruit juice may be bad is candida issues.

    Now I just use a plain old Aveda Cleanser on my skin. For moisturizer I use $3 generic hydrocortisone cream and an Equate night cream.

    The acne cleanser had been giving me a mustache look and painfully dry elbows (where it rolled down after cleansing). Now my elbows are normal

    Good Luck! Hope you don’t go through what I went through.

  • The skin symptoms you describe I once also had and it is normal because: first, your body uses the skin as a primary way of getting rid of toxins by sweating. The toxins are very toxic, redundancy here!, and that is way thy irritate your skin. second, your body also is getting rid of the dead skin so the new shinny and healthy one can comes out. The redness is normal during this process. I also got dry and red skin and also oily, specially in the face, during my water-fast and detox on fruit and it all dissapeared!! All, but I cannot tell you how soon it would be because it works differently in every human body. I can tell you that a couple of water-fast for 24, 36 and 48 hours in between the days you are eating only fresh fruit meals, could speed up the detox process. I personally would not recomend to put any products, even if they are natural, on your skin while irritated. I know it is very unconfortable, specially if you have iching as I did, but this would not help. Some other people might think it would, but it would not. Let your body do what he has to do and you will soon see the results.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hey Julie: If you get shaky before meals, it sounds like hypoglycemic symptoms (which I have). My nutritionist recommended the Master Cleanse as the one sort of fast that won’t give you such symptoms. I’ve tried it a few times and haven’t gotten shaky at all. I did get pretty shaky when trying a juice fast, but only until I kicked up the amount of greens in my juice.

  • Hey julie, to answer your question honestly, no. My acne is just as bad as its been for the past couple of months, and it itches, so I scratch, and I get scars (ugh!) so the lemon and tomato juice are more for the scars than for the acne itself.

    After reading everyone’s posts I realize that I eat WAY too many fruit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I have candida, as I have all kinds of digestive issues. Maybe this is why nothing has improved.

    I will say though, a few months ago I was on a high raw diet and I was eating 2-3 HUGE salads a day and I didn’t have ANY breakouts whatsoever. So you may also try eatings lots and lots of leafy greens. What’s your diet like right now??

  • Odalys: I eat tons of fruit (alot of dried fruit too) a fair amount of nuts (and nut butters). I know I need to incorporate more greens into my diet!

    I did take the candida spit test this morning, and not a big shocker…I have it! Thanks, Jenoz for the info.

    I am trying the water fast today. I have not had anything since 4:30pm yesterday (18 hours ago)....I feel aweful. I think I am going to breakdown and eat something soon cause I am at work so I can’t really rest.

    Thanks to all for the support, I am in need of it. My husband said he hasn’t heard me laugh all week. :(

  • lol we’re candida buddies! Well, I haven’t actually done the spit test yet, but I’ll try it when I get home. Not eating fruit is going to be HARD, but I’m going to have to do something.

    I’ve also heard liver cleanses help remove toxins and therefore stop breakouts, but I’ve never been able to down epsom salt :( I wish there was an easy way around acne!

  • Raw_ChocoholicRaw_Chocoholic Raw Newbie

    Here’s a liver cleanse that doesn’t use salt: http://www.cleanse.net (it’s under articles)

    I plan on doing this one after I finish the Colonix program. Hope it helps!

  • Julie,

    I have cystic acne and struggle with breakouts. I’ve found green juices, specifically celery and romaine help my skin. While breakouts are a part of detox, hormones play into it as well. I use a mild bar cleanser on my skin in addition to a daily green juice.

  • odalys: just wondering if you took the candida spit test?

    i bought Candidase by Enzymedica at my local health food store yesterday. it was pretty expensive $48.00 for two weeks worth of pills. the store associate recommended it as the “best they had”. i took it last night before bed, as you are to take it one hour before a meal or two hours after. anyway, i had very strange reactions to it….fast beating heart, cold chills, hot sweats, weakness in limbs. i had to call off work today! i am supposed to take two pills 3xs a day, but i think i might cut that down to twice or once a day so i can function. i also bought a book on candida, and the “candida diet” seems impossible to me. in the book it states that you will loose 10 pounds in two weeks which i surely can’t afford. so i don’t think i will stick to the diet….no fruit, avocados, or nuts…i don’t think i can hang.

    Or, maybe this is part of the detox? i feel pretty aweful though! my head aches, i feel like i might be coming down with a cold, i’m shakey and light headed. no energy whatsoever!

    well, i am off to bed.

  • i forgot to mention that i look yellow around my eyes and mouth. is this normal? i thought it may have something to do with my liver….?

  • Thanks for the link raw chocoholic! Lots of good info, but I didn’t see where I could find the herbs for the cleanse. Grr…

    Julie – yeah, I did the candida spit test, I noticed icky stuff within 15 minutes. I still haven’t figured out how to want to do the candida cleanse, though. Maybe take some probiotics?? You took action pretty quickly though ;) It looks like the cleanse is working for you if you’re having symptoms all ready.. candida not happy at all.

    Lol, you sound just like me! I really love fruits and fats!! But I’m trying to eat more greens. I just ate 5 stalks of celery (yuck…) and there’s a romaine (mmm..) salad waiting for me in the fridge.

    Keep me posted on the candida cleanse, if the herbs work I might do it too. Anything to get rid of my horrible acne! It’s gotten so bad I send my boyfriend out to run errands for me, I’m too embarrassed to go out :(

  • Not to sound negative or whatever, but I would not continue taking any of the pills if your heart is beating really quickly. What are the ingridents in the pills? Even some natural products can have bad side effects and while it could be a part of the detox process, I would be very careful as what you are describing sounds quite extreme.

  • This topic went from acne—> candida.

    But I found something really interesting: http://www.pureliquidgold.com/candida-diet.htm

    I’d never really thought about it, but I had this whitish spot on my tongue for the longest time that doesn’t brush off with a toothbrush. Had no idea that was candida… its actually kind of scary really. Also, I have this discoloration in my skin (on my belly) which I’ve had the suspicion to be a yeast. Hmm, has anybody else had these symtoms?? Maybe I’m just paranoid…

  • odalys, I just checked out that website, and I think grapefruit seed extract may be the way to go. Probably WAY cheeper than the $48.00 pills I bought. I am willing to spend money if it is going to clear my skin, but I hate the side effects. The ingrediants are cellulase and protease…? I called the 1800# on the bottle to tell them my reaction, and they have not heard of a reaction like mine, go figure. They suggested to use a lower dosage, but I might just get some grapefruit seed extract instead!

    we will figure this out, and clear our skin together! :)

  • Hey guys!

    I relate to your problem julie!!! I’ve suffered from acne for many years! It’s been REALLY bad, but expecially on my back!

    Cutting out dairy and animal products really helped, and now after being mostly raw I hardly ever break out anymore!

    What helped me the most was seeing a real Chinese Herbal Doctor, he was SO good! If any of you live in Sydney, Australia, I’d highly recommend looking up Dr. Cheng in the mall in Mona Vale! :)

    A chinese herbal doctor might give you a herbal medicine that’s gonna taste like absolute crap, but it’ll really help! The doctor also performed acupunture and cupping on my back, and in a matter of weeks you could really tell a big difference, and it was so nice!

    Good luck with your problem!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i know there is some dispute about honey on this site, but i must say that when my face was breaking out and sensitive all the time (it got REALLY red and irritated from trying to dry out the zits).

    honey pats—you take honey in the fingers of both hands (liquid works best of course) and pat your face like you are painting dots on it. do it all over until it gets too sticky. then rinse with some luke warm water.

    this MOISTURIZES but does not OIL your face. it helped me a lot…

    might help in the meantime.


  • penfoldpenfold Raw Newbie

    Anyone with candida issues: please, please try cutting all fat out of your diet for a few days. Fat messes with your insulin, which ups your blood-sugar levels, which feeds the candida. You girls eating nuts – STOP! Fruit sugars shouldn’t be a problem if you’re eating only a little fat. Eat more salad and green smoothies. Try going without fat at all for a few days and see if you notice an improvement, and then add a bit of fat back in.

    itourist: Hydrocortisone cream as a moisturizer? That stuff thins your skin! It’s a steroid, which is not something you want on your skin at all. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are cautioned not to use it, so neither should you.

    Has anyone tried washing their face with olive oil? It doesn’t make your skin oily. Some people find it really helps their acne. If tea tree oil is too harsh for you, you can mix a couple drops in with some extra virgin olive oil. Rub it into your skin then take a facecloth and wet it with water as hot as you can stand. Drape it over your face to steam the oil off. You’ll probably have to rewet the cloth a few times. Even if it doesn’t help your acne, it’s a good moisturizer – certainly better than hydrocortisone. Yikes!

  • My family all live right near the Thursday Plantation that grows Australia most renown Tea Tree Oil. I’ve had mixed results when it comes to spots and when I was a teenager eating fruit alone for 4 days really solved my problems.

    This year after 12 months 90% raw I was sick as a dog with candida. Definitely too much fruit but added with bad food combining was the clincher. Even a squeeze of lemon in a salad had me doubled in pain. See me on the right in this pic at my brothers wedding (soon before I bolted to the toilet!) http://a474.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/6…

    I can barely look at the photo!!

    I got rid the cramp pains and weakness with Citrus Seed Extract (Citricidal Australia) and Yeast Balance (www.enzy.com/women). Wasn’t great example of raw for my return visit to my family but with the help of HUGE salads and sensible eating I returned to London refreshed.

    I’ve recently started using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide a lot. Sprayed straight on a cotton pad and gently wiped over a damp face avoiding the eyebrows and hairline. Hydrogen Peroxide is of course H2O2 – that’s the same as pure water with an extra element of pure oxygen!! When it comes into contact with the skin it releases the oxygen (bacteria hates oxygen) and you’ll see even see the tiny bubbles at work. When I’ve ever run out my skin tone really drops.

    Finish with coconut oil (also antibacterial) used as a moisturiser and your still damp face. A little goes a long way!

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