Raw food, Travel & Customs?

Okay – i just found out work is sending me from NY to the Philippines for a month (January). I can’t say that Im thrilled about going. (Don’t get me wrong – id love to experience the culture and see the place.. a month is just a very very long time for me to be away from my family!). Anyhow – I have been assured that there will be plenty of fresh fruits and veggies – but id like to bring along some Pure bars or dehydrated fruits/nuts/seeds or something just in case. Does anyone know if theres any issue bringing food like that into the country? I would also like to bring my own water, but i think thats going to be an impossibility. I cant imagine any good way to ‘pack’ 25 gallons of water! lol.. maybe i can bring my own water filter for the hotel?

Anyhow – any suggestions/thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    Odessa, not to worry about the water in the phillapeans, you can get bottled water and coconuts are plentiful… or bring a filter from home…as for seeds nuts and stuff, since you will be there a month send some ahead or have some one mail them to you when you see what is available. I havent lived in the phillapeans in many years but i think you will have no worrys as fruit and veggies are very plentiful….have fun!

  • As far as I know (it was tested with Omshanti’s granola and chips actually) you can send/pack any foods that are dehydrated with no problems. As far as I know it’s fresh foods, produce, plants and such that pose a problem with the customs officers.. I’ve never been to the Philippines but from what I’ve heard from friends who’ve lived there the ONLY safe drinking water is in Manila. Outside the city it’s basically russian roulette if you have a sip (You got your pick of cholera, E.coli, diptheria, and a whole bunch of ugly little crawlies that would call your bowels home-sweet-home) So I definately advise bringing a filter with you for the hotel.. And keeping bottled water with you at all times when your out. There are the local fresh fruit and veggies but I’d ask about any pestisides before I bought them. Good luck with the trip.. the Phillipines are a pretty place with alot of rich culture.. K-Mom

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. I have a few months to plan, but figured id better start early. Maybe ill get lucky and be staying near this place http://www.thefarm.com.ph/ . I also found another raw foodie that lives there (through the raw vegan network). i havent contacted her yet, but im hoping shell be able to help me a bit while im down there to. My biggest concern i think is going to be the obligatory business meals – i dont want to offend anybody!

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