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Raw Teenagers



  • Hey! I’m 20 and er…going raw.. It’s been somewhat difficult since I do get cravings for some unhealthy cooked foods but I’m reading everything I can get my hands on. As for family, I live with my uncle, aunt and cousins, who all eat SAD, and my uncle teases me about having been a strict vegetarian for a very long time now. I don’t know anyone else who’s raw, except for one instructor I had for a college course I did. Oh, I’m originally from Ontario, Canada but I’m currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. :)

  • CharisCharis Raw Newbie

    Wahoo for Raw Teenage Canadians!!!!

  • Im 18 and im from Montr

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    i’m nearly 22, but i am still going to say i fit into the ‘younger’ category. I actually just went 100% 6 days ago and it is hard! i already didn’t eat with my friends too much because i was vegan but being raw everyone is very confused by it and skeptical.

    i am still in college and haven’t drank for quite some time but i am sure it will come up at some point and i don’t know whether i will go for it or not. i still have alcohol at my house, in addition to other cooked foods.

    i don’t know anyone that is raw. old or young. i live in san luis obispo, california…the central ca coast.

  • hey hannahmarie living the slo life? haha forget i said that…so corny, anyway, i lived there last year. yeah i was the only raw vegan out of my friends, but i did bump into one at new frontiers so maybe you will to. i think theres a ayurveda snack company either in or close to slo so there must be others raw people out there!

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    What kind of raw diets are you guys following?

    When I went raw I was eating alot of dried nuts and fruits. Also easting sooo much fat.

    Lately I’ve been sticking to whole foods and eating way less fat. I’ve been trying 80/10/10 and it is really working.


  • I’m eating a lot of dried nuts and fruits… not on purpose, I just find myself craving that stuff, dehydrating stuff with a lot of nuts, etc. I plan to move toward more whole foods and veggies but I’m still in a transition period and I’m allowing my body to eat what it craves (as long as its good for me!).

    I’m interested in 80/10/10, I see it mentioned here a lot. I’m looking into buying a new book soon and maybe I’ll get one that talks about that… or food combining… something of that nature.

  • Hi! Well I

  • Hey Miss Tin*tin. Congrads on your decision. I’ve been ‘veg’ for many years and also recently decided to add more raw to my diet, although not 100% yet. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’ve already tried a few recipes from this site that I’ve LOVED!! Definitely try ‘Raw Bacon’, it is awesome on a sandwich of avocado, chia sprouts and “Rich Cheddar Sauce” (also on this site). Also loved “Better than Alfredo Sauce” just to get you started.

  • Hello, Nagev….I’m no teenager but interested in the 80/10/10. Don’t know if I could ever stick with it as I am not even fully raw at this point but am looking for encouragement wherever I can get it. Just wondered exactly what you mean when you say the 80/10/10 is “really working”.

  • Thanks Qol4All, Those sound great, can

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    hey noff, that is awesome that you lived in slo as well. did you go to school here? maybe i will find some at the grocery stores, i think i go there every day.

    mulberryrose, as i said in my earlier post i JUST went raw, and in order to make it less confusing/hard i did 80/10/10 for the first few days. it helped me actually be 100%. now i just bought a dehydrator for $5 so i am trying out some other stuff. but i think i like 80/10/10 best, honestly.

  • Hey, a new raw beginner here, only 17 and male. A rare commodity, it seems :P

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    17 years old. I follow the ph miracle diet. (no supplements)I eat alot of fat, but fruit makes me feel lousy.

  • I’m from Ontario, Canada as well….but far from being a teen….although at 48, and after having and still raising nine children, I am about to go back to school!! Been really struggling to stay focused diet wise…. ;(

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    I’m 21 from Alberta Canada, I’m the only raw eater in my family however..whatever I make is usually eaten by the non-raw too. Which I personally hate because the ingredients are usually expensive and it disappears 10 times faster when you got 2 siblings. My family can’t understand how I can pass on mac ‘n cheese for a garden salad. I’m not 100% raw, I don’t think I ever could be, but the changes I’ve made this far are huge and I’m happy about how far I’ve come and the old foods I’ve pretty much given up.

  • ItGirlItGirl Raw Newbie

    I’m 20 from Orlando, FL…
    I’m 100% vegan (also no refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or partially/fully hydrogenated oils), and just started going more raw. I LOVE fruits & veggies anyway, and don’t eat many cooked things.

  • pearjoypearjoy Raw Newbie

    I’m 21 from Ontario, Canada. I don’t know anyone in the flesh who is raw.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I’m 18 in Edmond,Oklahoma. I don’t know of any young people who are raw here, but there is a raw food chef who is here and I’m really excited about that. She holds raw sessions and potlucks, and she ’s on television sometimes.

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    I think there are and will be more younger people going raw. Health is a much bigger concern today than in the past. Just look at all the Health stores popping up!

  • Hello,
    I am 17 and just starting out eating raw. I am from Austin, TX but I am going to college in Sarasota, FL right now. My boyfriend (26) and I are doing it together. It is really great to have someone else to cook, eat, and talk about nutrition with. I am sure it is difficult to be a young raw foodist alone. It is really exciting to see how many other young people are raw!

  • 20 and raw here! unfortunately i live in dorm and have to buy the full meal plan, so i’m usually seen coming from the cafeteria with bags of fruit and vegetables. the people on my floor think i’m pretty strange and always ask me about whatever concoction i have in my blender, especially when it’s bright green.

    i’m only one of about 4 vegans on campus and definitely the only raw-er. my friends are pretty cool, but always say that i make them feel bad about whatever processed junk they’re putting in their bodies. but they’re pretty open to trying things i make (even though they say it looks like vomit). we just had a little christmas party and i brought raw brazil-nog, and they loved it. my boyfriend (completely SAD when we met) has stopped eating meat, and started making green drinks in the morning. so bit by bit the world can change!

    i love being raw!

  • I’m 17 from (around) Cleveland, Ohio.

    In the process of going raw and I’m really enthusiastic. I love this site!

  • I’ll be 23 in a month, from Vancouver, Canada, and mostly raw for at least a year (plus several months of transitioning). I’ve discovered quite an underground of raw foodists here, though not as connected of one as I would like. It’s coming, though…it’s coming ;). Hooray for raw Canucks!

  • I’m 17 and a raw-vegan from Austin, TX. I’ve been vegan on and off for 3 years and ra doing it for almost a month now and want to keep on keeping on for the rest of my life. My 13 year old sister did it with me for the firist month but couldn’t keep it up, she just didn’t feel ready. She is vegan though and, because she cooks with me, is about 50% raw. I also have one vegan friend (one of my best friends actually) and one of my teachers is vegan! There are tons of vegetarians in Austin, which is cool but at this point, I think it

  • i’m a 19 year old raw vegan. it sucks though being in college in the middle of nowhere, because not only does everyone eat on the meal plan, which means all of my meals are alone in my room and i miss out on the social hour of dinner, but people get really upset that i eat only raw food and try to make me think that i’m killing myself. i find it really frustrating to try to calmly explain to them that what i’m doing is actually more healthy.

    middle of nowhere also sucks because i have to get a friend to drive me to the store half an hour away once a week, and nothing is organic. :( i can taste the pesticides, but nonorganic raw is still better than pizza and fries daily. right?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    sobizaar~ A suggestion for finding like “eating” people at your school, start a raw/vegan/vegetarian club/group. Set up a meeting and post notices about it. There is bound to be others that you will meet who may be feeling “alone” like you. After creating the club, work with your eating hall to add more veggie offerings, not just for you, but for the benefit of the general student population.

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    Raw teen here!

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie


    I am a college student too! The social implications are sometimes hard but I think they are far outweighed by benefits of raw food (organic or not).

    If you can’t get organic produce just wash it off as best you can and don’t dwell, it’ll only make things worse. Do the best with what you can.

    As far as friends opinions go, I’ve found that being discrete is the easiest. If someone asks about my diet I’ll tell them that I enjoy fruit and veggies the most. If they persist I’ll tell them I’m vegetarian, then vegan, then raw foodist.

    Most people don’t care to dig that deep and are just making small talk, so change the subject. And if they really have an interest in diet, they will most likely be open.

    Also I find that partying is much more enjoyable sober and if I bring a cup a fill it up with water and lemon, people don’t even seem to notice.

    Good luck!


  • deborahann, i just graduated from IUP! i was there for 5 years. wow, it would have been really neat to meet a raw vegan, or maybe we have met and i just dont remember.

    the only thing i really miss about indiana was the amish store just outside of indiana. that place is awesome, so many spices for so cheap.

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