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Raw Teenagers



  • I’m 19 from Ontario, Canada. There seems to be a lot of us Ontarians on here (I’m pretty surprised!:)) I’m in University and have yet to meet another vegan, let alone raw foodie here:( I do have a couple friends back home that are raw and we always get strange looks from our non raw friends when we’re talking about chia, or kombucha, or even green smoothies!

  • zer0, what university are you at?... it isn’t Queen’s is it?!

  • YES!!!

  • I didn’t check your profile until now. K-Town! WHOA I am so ecstatic. What are the odds eh?

  • I thought your picture looked familiar =P

  • Im not a teen anymore – 23 now :)n raw vegan for couple of months.Im from Croatia where raw foodism didnt exactly come yet,sort of speak,so its hard being raw here,dont know anyone raw in flesh.
    Greetings everyone from Croatia..!!

  • I’m 16 in Reading, UK.

  • Hi everyone,
    My name is Samira and I recently turned 17 years old. I’m pretty much raw vegan but I’ve been transitioning since I was 16 and a half. I live in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada—more specifically, in Surrey. Its pretty awesome to see some raw teens out there. Anyone nearby?

  • I’m living in southern ONtario in the Gta. Anyone close?

  • an 18 year old raw foodist and wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Hey, I’m 21 and starting out on my raw journey! My family doesn’t understand raw at all, but I am determined to get healthier and feel better! My mother is fairly healthy, and my Father isn’t too bad (he does eat lots of sweet-things though!) However my sister who is 19 is a junk/bad food junkie and won’t listen to me when I say she should change her ways. Sigh. C’est la vie!

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    Im 14 and a raw vegan :) Im feeling pretty lonely though.. noone else i know is even close to being vegan! :(

  • I’m 19 and from BC. I only know one other raw foodist, but I’d love to meet more.

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    I’m 21 and raw in Philly – this is my first post. I started becoming raw in late February and I have been 100% since mid-April. It hasn’t been bad recently because I work full time off campus, live off campus, and I’m in a program that only has me going to class @ night for the next couple of years. But the hard part is to come – I’m going on vacation with my 85% raw girlfriend and another couple that is VERY S.A.D. I won’t relapse – it is just awkward to not be able to eat anything at restaurants, delis, etc or just eat a pizza w/ them. O yeah my 17 year old sister wants to be converted raw.

  • There is actually a bigger group of young raw foodist then I thought! yay! I’m seventeen and don’t even know a vegetarian, crazy huh? All my friends are really supportive though. My best friend think she is really smart when people ask questions and she can answer for me. lol last night I was hanging out with people who didn’t know about how I eat and of course I brought myself a salad while everyone ate pizza and ice cream but no one was weird. They just ask questions and I answer but they do tease me because of how excited I get when I talk about raw food. haha but I think this is an awesome post!!! yay for us!

  • mallorymoore- I know what you mean about getting excited for raw foods, my inlaws always laugh with me, they think it’s entertaining I guess!!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I’m a 12-year-old raw foodist! I’m glad there’s more. I think RawKarateGirl on this site is 13 too. I get excited about raw foods alot too.

  • 15 year old raw foodist here. The rest of my family are omnis and I live in London, England.

  • 15 year old raw foodist here. The rest of my family are omnis and I live in London, England.

  • Hey! I’m 16. I had no idea there were this many teenagers here! I felt like 1 of two or three! I’m from hot and dry Southern California. We’re having 100 degree temps right now…aaaaaah! I have a cousin who’s raw too..she’s 18. I don’t see her much though, so I feel kind of alone right now. Nice to see there’s a few more of us out there. (:

  • POMEGRANATE- I am from BC too!

  • mmmorgans – I’m in Victoria. BC is a pretty great place to be raw, and in general actually.

  • superkat—I’m in Arizona so I’m having that kind of heat too, and its only about to get hotter!

    roodye – I was in London over christmas and I loved it!! haha obviously thats what my pic is from.

  • Hey I am sixteen and raw! I have a twin sister who is not raw but eats very healthy. She even eats meat. She loves my food though. It can be hard to be the only one that eats raw in my family, but before I went raw I always had different food because I have a lot of food allergies. I don’t mind being the only raw person because raw food makes me happy, and happy people never feel lonely. At least not me. Hey Superkat92, I am from the desert too. I live in Palm Desert. We should definitely get together!

  • Woohooo. Raw food teen right here.

    I find as though a lot of people are resistant to the line of raw food thinking because it goes against what they have been taught, and at that moment they may not be ready or feel a need to change how they are eating. I feel that its just important to get the word out there, so that if there ever is a time that they are ready, they know about raw living.

  • Hey StephGoneRaw, I looked at your profile and saw you do rhythmic gymnastics which is way cool!! I’ve always loved watching it. I don’t do gymnastics anymore but I was a gymnast from when I was little up until a couple years ago.

  • Pomegranate-I too live in Victoria!!! Have you been to mo-le? I went there for the first time on Monday, it was fabulous

  • mmmorgans – I have indeed! The marinated mushrooms with avocado is good. I noticed there is a living food juice bar called Cafe Bliss opening up next door. It’ll be like Victoria’s raw vegan epicenter, in conjunction with the durians in Chinatown one block over.

  • 16 year old raw teen here! I’m in Quebec, Canada and living with my family who supports this choice and are pretty health concious themselves. Feeling pretty alone in my peer group though, no ones even close to being raw.

  • I’m 20 and haven’t made the jump to raw yet but I hope to soon. I’m near Seattle, Washington. I don’t know any raw foodists or vegans, but a lot of my friends are vegetarian.

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