What is a dehydrator? also where would i buy one?? can i just buy one at a local cookware supply store or do i have to order online?


  • Hi gymbum—

    This is the raw food stove. It’s like drying food in the sun, but faster. You can make flax seed bread, cookies, dried fruits, etc.

    check out

    Excalibur is the top one that all the raw books recommend. Mine is arriving via FedEx in 2 days. The price range is from $35 for a Walmart (Nesco) one, up to nearly $300 for the 9-tray Excalibur with timer and 9 ParaFlexx sheets. The cheaper ones don’t have a temperature setting, so they “cook” the food at too high a temperature to retain the enzymes. However, I started with a cheap one as a “test.” They’re at Walmart or

  • thanks! I will be sure to look into buying one! _

  • Some camping and outdoor supply stores also sell dehydrators. I found a 9 tray Excalibur at Cabelas in addition to a good hatchet for coconuts.

  • I bought a dehydrator from walmart cause i cannot afford another one right now. It is a 5 tray nesco and it does not have a tempature setting so do you recommend not leaving the foods in there too long?

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