To have a champion juicer or to not?

That is the question! Does anyone here know if they are worth it? I am growing my own wheatgfrass and microgreens as well as sprouts and was thinking it might be a great tool for juicing these things as well as homogenize anything else(I hear it makes great banana ‘ice cream’) But, does anyone know from experience if it does a great job at juicing wheatgrass and sprouts? As well as leafy greens? I’m trying to decide if I should get this for the many options or just a cheaper wheatgrass juicer to save the money. So, if anyone knows if these are awesome or not, let me know! Thanks! Peace~~


  • I have heard that the Champion juicer is not the best for wheatgrass, parsley, etc. but great for so many other things. I have a Green Life juicer (the newer ones are called Green Star, I think) and I know it does a super job on grass, etc. It’s a little more trouble to clean up than the Champion, but if wheat grass juicing is really your goal, it would be a good investment.

  • I had a Champion for a while and really liked it! It is a workhorse juicer and fairly easy to clean. It juiced leafy greens quite well..but I agree that for wheat grass the Green life or a specific wheat grass juicer is best.

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