Using dehydrator for the first time


I was given a dehydrator. I feel very blessed! However, I am clueless on how to use it. I really want to make the crackers that you make from the pulp that comes out of the juicer.

I’ve been making fresh veggie juice again a few days a week for a couple of weeks. I just need to get to the next step.



  • Have you checked the recipes on this site?? I usually make crackers out of pulp (delicious!) by adding ground flax seeds until sticky.. then just put some of the mixture on a teflex sheet and spread thinly (if you want crackers) or a wee bit thicker for bread (1/4th of an inch). Pop them in the dehydrator at 118 and check back on them within 4 hrs. Score, flip, and they will be ready in another 4. Times really depend on the humidity.

    Good luck with your bread! Don’t be afraid to experiment, just get to it. Youll be glad you did.

  • Thanks for this tip. Someone suggested I start eating flax seeds anyway for fibroid issues. BTW, without any recipe, I just slapped the pulp on the tray, after adding seasoning, turned the knob to an arbitrary number and voila! Delish! It’s really what I needed. Raw is so expensive that these crackers help to fill my stomach when I’m too tired to make or buy anything. Slowly but surely I’m becoming more and more self-sufficient.

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    I’ve roughly chopped some veggies up in the food processor, broccoli, carrot, onion (together), and dehydrated the blend until crispy. It’s great when sprinkled on soups or salad when you want some crunch. I rarely set my dehydrator over 110 degrees.

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