Foods to kick a bottle habit?

Help! It’s been 9 days since she was born but already my little Baraan has come to depend on the bottle she’s not interested in nursing and when she does she becomes furterated very easily. I’m seeing my supply of milk decreasing because of it I’m wondering if there are foods that can help keep my supply up while we are patiently (sometimes with ALOT of patience) working on getting her to breastfeed only? So far I’m eating black seeds, dates, dill and water to help but it just doesn’t seem like enough. Does anyone know of other foods I might try? I really, really want to stop feeding her this junk in a can!


  • Congratulations Kurdish Mom on the new baby! I use to be a lactation consultant and your milk supply depends less on what you eat than on how much demand there is. The more the baby sucks, the more milk is produced. If you introduce the bottle to early they will reject the breast because the muscles used to nurse are different from the bottle and frankly the bottle is easier for them. If you are having trouble nursing, then express your own milk and feed it to her. Or be persistent and only offer her the breast for a day or so. It won’t hurt her, she won’t starve and more than likely she will take what is offerred and your problem will be solved. Once back on the breast, hold off on the bottle for a few days to a week and you can reintroduce it later, but only once or twice a day. Her main feedings should be the breast since breast milk and the colostrum (the liquid that exists before your milk comes in) have properties to boost her immune system. A wonderful resorce is the La Leche League an organization of women that support, educate and promote breastfeeding. You can find them at As for your diet just continue to eat well and listen to your body. Sometimes babies don’t like the taste of your milk if you eat lots of garlic/onions or cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbages, but that was with cooked fooders. I don’t know if foods eaten raw have the same effect. Good luck Kurdish Mom, my fondest memories were of breastfeeding my babies who grew up incredibly healthy and beautful as yours will.

  • Kurdish mom, I know how much of a bonding experience can be. I breastfed my daughter for a year and eight months. I would not trade that experience for anything. I would follow Yammygirl’s suggestions. However, if you find that she is still breast resistant, I would just pump and use a bottle. At least she’s getting all those wonderful nutrients from you!

  • I heard that fenugreek is a good herb for milk production.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Sorry to hear you girls are having challenges with breastfeeding! Like Yammygirl said, frequency is KEY to milk production. Even if you are just pumping/hand expressing to put in her bottle, it will keep your supply going, and offer her something much better than formula (obviously you know that already, but putting it in there for others who may not..wink). Also, Fenugreek works well for increasing milk suply, as does raspberry leaf tea, and blessed thistle. Also, there is a tea company called Traditional Medicinals that has a good milk tea, but I don’t know if you can get that where you are or not. Maybe have a friend from the states mail it to you?

    Hope this helps, and that things pick up soon!

  • Thanks everyone.. I’m finding it so difficult to make this work. I know that the less she nurses the less milk I’ll have but I think that I didn’t have enough to start with in the first place (I had a breast-reduction surgery at 16 and was told then that breastfeeding may not be possible later) I DO have milk just so very, very little I tried to give her only my breast and she nursed for an hour and still wasn’t full. We’re still giving her formula, which bothers me because she seems so stuffy these past couple of days.. I don’t know if it’s a cold coming on or the formula (her cousin is sick with a cold right now and I’m worried she may have caught it) I’m trying to express by hand and add the milk to her formula but it seems like a losing battle. I’m asking around for fenugreek because I know we have it here.. I’m also going to try and see if I can get some milk tea from family in the states but it takes a month to recieve and I’m worried it may be too late by then. If only she was a little older I’d be giving her carrot juice instead but she’s so little and I don’t think it’s a good idea just yet. Thanks again. K-Mom

  • Hi K-Mom,

    congratulations on your baby! I am so happy for you :) I can’t think of what to say to help you with milk production as I do not have any knowledge about this. But I did want to say congratulations on the baby, may she and you both have healthy, happy and long lives. God bless xoxo Dea

  • Hi K-Mom,

    congratulations on your baby! I am so happy for you :) I can’t think of what to say to help you with milk production as I do not have any knowledge about this. But I did want to say congratulations on the baby, may she and you both have healthy, happy and long lives. God bless xoxo Dea

  • Kurdishmom, You are doing the best you can for her but make sure that you don’t let the worry for her welfare keep you from caring for yourself. Milk production is also affected by how much rest you get and your ability to let go, so your milk can let down. My midwife suggested I have a dark beer when I was struggling with breastfeeding my first. I don’t like beer but I did have a small glass of wine which calmed me enough to sleep well. Relax, keep yourself well hydrated, eat lots and spend your time resting and admiring the good work you’ve done in creating this child. Try a manual breast pump or warm compresses above your breast in the most comfy place in your house. Just don’t overdo it. You just had a baby and your body needs time to adjust. It will all work out. I’ll be sending juicy mom energy!

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