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Fasting. UGH!

I havent posted in a long time. I havent been raw in about 2 months. I went to Portland and had so much yummy cooked food the addiction came back and I am trying to break myself of it again. I also have a cold.

I am fasting for 2-3 days then going to be raw again. Is there any proper way to do this? I have for this full day just drinking water. Im really hungry! But already I feel better, like my cold is slowly fading away. I dont know how Ill last the second day.

I guess Im looking for support!


  • If you have a juicer, have some citrus juice and green juices if you feel up to it. Very cleansing. Dry skin brushing, relaxing, drinking tons of water and getting lots of sleep will help too.

    Good luck! You’ll feel much better when you’re back on the raw side. :]

  • Water fasting is the best way to get over a cold. I assume that you are not doing anything besides reading a book in bed while you are fasting? As soon as you introduce any food or liquid besides water to your body it will cease the wonderful things it was doing and start to go back into the old find nutirents from food and store them or use them cycle. A 2 day or 3 day fast on only water is probably the best thing to do if you have no supervision.

  • Socal: No. Im at work. I wish I was in bed reading a book. But I dont have sick days or vacation days. And I need to afford school :x I also have school today! Ugh. I missed Halloween school so I have to make this class.

    At work I sit in a chair, drinking water, and answering phones, sometimes I get up to get some files. But nothing to strenous. Is this bad?

  • If you want to get anything out of fasting then you will need to stay in bed at home. If you are at work or school then I suggest that you do a juice fast instead.

  • Is it because when I your even a little bit active, like sitting down working your expending energy you need to heal?

  • When you are not eating anything (water fast) your body will use the energy it used to use to process food for other housekeeping (like healing), now if you are doing anything besides lying in bed then your body will need to use that energy to perform the tasks you are doing and will not be able to do the housekeeping. It’s very simple. Do not go to work or school and water fast, it isn’t a good idea. Try to drink fresh juices and smoothies instead (mostly green juices are best).

  • also, i’ve always found it’s best to take four or five days to ease out of it- otherwise, you could end up with a wicked nasty stomachache! the first day off of the fast, for instance, drink juice for breakfast and then smoothies for lunch and dinner. make sure you take your time swallowing and swish it around a lot to mix it with saliva. this really makes it easier to digest. then, the next few days, have only smoothies, but you could slowly start mixing nuts, seeds, etc. into it. then SLOWLY start eating. things with lots of probiotics- kombucha, rejuvelac, etc. are really good because they replace good bacteria and ease digestion. take lots of hot showers and sweat as much as possible!

    fasting is hard the first few times…but it becomes amazing! i love fasting now. i feel your pain though…feel free to ask me anything…;-)

  • Cheers to fasting! I am fasting as well.

    Good luck :D

  • After the fast you should eat easily digested food like fruits and soft vegetables. I personally don’t agree with using probiotics ever. If you eat the right food your digestive system will naturally attract the right kinds of bacteria and discourage the bad ones. I don’t think the bacteria in the probiotics have a lasting effect anyways…adding the right bacteria to an environment in which they can’t survive is not beneficial, it’s the environment and not the bacteria that is important.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I’m on the 5th day of a fast and I originally intended to just do water but since I have a very stressful job and work 10 – 12 hrs a day, I figured juice and diluted smoothie fasting would be better, especially after reading Socal’s posts! Anyway, I was feeling pretty good the first 4 days.I was hungry for short periods of time but really not that bad considering I usually have a HUGE appetite. Today, though, is a different story! I am in a fog, weak, tired and oscillating between hunger and nausea. I’m assuming this is a cleansing reaction. I had intended to fast until my body quit hurting and I was alkaline. I actually had some wicked diarrhea and my urine can smell really weird at times. I am assuming this is toxin release. Question is should I continue this fast until I feel good again? I was originally aiming for 7-10 days. I have alot of lower belly bloating and fluid retention that I’m pretty sure is related to incomplete digestion since I unfortunately have issues with overeating. I would like to give my intestines time to fully empty and heal before starting to eat again. Am I on the right track?Any other suggestions?

  • socal- i LOVE probiotics; i make my own rejuvelac, kombucha, seed cheeses, vegan kefir, etc.. but, i’ve also never really read much bad about them…i’ve only read a lot of GOOD about them…is there anywhere you would suggest that i might find information on some of their ‘cons’? i know some people don’t agree with them, but i love my kombucha so much i guess i didn’t really want to know the bad stuff…but i’m willing to give them up (sigh) if i find sufficient information to change my mind on their effectiveness… thanks in advance…;-)

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    The first day is always the hardest man. You get moody and hungry. Both go away on the second day and are replaced with bliss and total awareness on the third day.

    What Socal said about resting is probably good advice but I’ve done all my water fasts during the week when I went to school. You get tired and weak but thew benefits of the fast outweigh those feelings for me.


  • Good luck with school. A green smoothie on every morning that you have class is a great way to increase concentration and focus. And if you need to pull an all-nighter Morning theft’s Black and Green smoothie is amazing:


    I plan on fasting sometime in the future, but I’m definitely going to wait for a vacation. Fasting while working and going to school sounds mildly punishing. If you had cooked foods for a few days (or months) you could get back on track just by eating 100% raw, which is pleasant and not at all punishing. It’s okay to be kind to yourself.

    Let us know how it all goes.

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