V. Boutenko Speaking in DC, VA, MD, PA

germin8germin8 Raw Master

Just passing the word along… Victoria Boutenko is speaking in New Oxford, PA (Nov 28), Baltimore, MD (Dec 3), Mount Airy, MD (Dec 4), Richmond, VA (Dec 7), Washington, DC (Dec 8)... and more!



  • Yes, I’m going to see her on Dec 2 in Landsdale, Pa. Is anyone else going to that one?

  • I just saw Victoria, Sergi, and Valya speak in Phoenix, just a day before the Raw Spirit Fest in Sedona, back in October. They are very approachable, personable people! She spoke about the benefits of green smoothies—wonderful information to anyone doing a raw foods diet and “plateauing.” I wish I could hear her talks at the places you mentioned. The info is worth hearing again! Have fun!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks ABQNick. I just heard Sergei speak for Raw Summit 2… and we look forward to hearing Victoria in McLean.

  • Oh good to know- I think I might just make a trip back home to hear her speak. Thanks!

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