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From what I’ve been reading, I’ve decided to purchase a Vita-Mix to do a juice feast but it talks about the 5000 model. Will I still reap the same benefits if I use an older model?? Do older models not open up the cell walls of leafy greens not as good? Does a Vita-Mix cause the fruits to oxidize faster? I am trying to be as frugal as possible and purchase a used unit. Is this the wise thing to do or should I just wait and save up to buy the newest model? I am so lost!! I would appreciate everyones thoughts on this. Thank you so much!


  • dodiledodile Raw Newbie

    I have an older model, over 10 years old, “Maxi-4000”, and it’s still robust and durable. I love it! Vita-Mix are really reliable and worth the price. Good luck!

  • the new breville for $200 is a really good one..my friend bought one and she loves it…...don’t fret about it too much..buy what you can afford….....if you want to hold out the new vita-mix 5200 seems really nice with some new features…i like the fact the breville blender is made of glass which is nice….chefraw.com

  • If an older model won’t effect the benefits then I am going to go ahead and get what I can afford right now. I am so excited to begin a juice feast!

  • I have a Vita-mix 3600 that is 38 years old – it’s the very first model ever produced! My mom has a new 5000. Hers definitely blends things better. When I put seeded grapes in mine, there are still little crunchies no longer how long I blend. Not so with the 5000. But it is a minor difference. I think that the 5000 would be a excellent choice, or any other one you can get a hold of.

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    Just to throw an alternative in here, if you’re looking to be frugal and don’t want to spend the upfront money for a VitaMix, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Oster “beehive” one speed that they sell at Target or amazon.
    It makes unbelievably good smoothies, both fruits and greens. Sixty bucks!

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Congrats on your juice feast and keep us posted with what you’re juicing and how you’re feeling. I’m sure we’d love to hear :)


    Kristen Suzanne

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    @ Willmize….Does the Oster Beehive do well with ice in your smoothies? My friend needs a blender and doesn’t want to spend over $75. Thanks!

  • dodiledodile Raw Newbie

    Smile, I also have Oster beehive blender. I use Vita-Mix to pulverize/blend such as nut mylk, thick smoothies (such as Green and Gone Smoothie) and soups (such as butternut). I use Oster to blend delicate smoothies (such as blueberry smoothie) and soups (such as tomato soup). I keep my beautiful red Oster Beehive on the counter but keep my old Vita-Mix in the cabinet since it’s so ugly, the silver doesn’t shine anymore no matter how hard I try to polish it!

    By the way, RawJim, thanks for the link!

  • Sorry, RawJim, you are right – I omitted a word! I meant it was the very first mill model made. But looking at that history, I’m not so sure. It doesn’t even mention that the 3600 has the milling capability (blunt blades that spin in reverse – new ones have a separate container with different blades). I was told by the previous owner that it was the first milling model. Not so sure anymore!

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    I will have to defer to RawJim, as I really don’t put ice cubes in my blender. The hardest thing I use would probably be frozen fruit and it pulverizes the heckeyfire out of it.

  • Ooo! I already have an Oster beehive. Do you think I can make smoothies with leafy greens very well? Anyone know if it adequately opens the cells walls to get all the juice out?? That’s why I was so interested in the Vita-Mix- I read that it did that but I may be mistaken. But if the beehive will do what I need, then I will just use it for now.I also want to make raw ice cream later on. I’m just getting started on this path and I want to make sure I have the stuff I need.

  • Thank you so much for all your help! You guys are awesome.

  • Will the Breville be good for making almonds into powder for thickening soups? and good nut milk?

  • Hey just for some more information. I use a kitchenaid blender and it works really well for me. I do have to chop up kale and spinach a bit before I throw it in so its not left too chunky. But as long as I chop stuff up a bit it works wonderfully for now. That is until I can afford a better one of course. :) But I believe you don’t have to have a $400 blender to do the job. It just helps. :) Good luck!

  • KitchenAid rocks!

    Amazon.com sometimes sells the $120 model for only $29 to $39 with free shipping. It’s refurbished for that price, but came looking like it was totally new.

    I have 2 of them—home & work. I would have a hard time spending $400 on a Vita-Mix. I saw a Vita-Mix being demo-ed at a health festival, and was impressed. But, between my KitchenAid food processor & blender, I manage to get everything done that I need.

  • the breville will do nut mylks and make nut flowers…... I will have a vita-mix 5000 for sale next week. i bought it in June. It will come with a 32oz wet container,64oz wet container and a 64oz dry blade container for grinding flax seeds. It has a 61/2 yrs left on the warranty..I think $400 for this an exceptional deal…+shipping..chefraw.com

  • Update: I’ve been using my oster beehive to make my green juices this week and I have felt wonderful!! I have so much more energy now and I am beginning to lose weight and get a nice “glow”. My nut mylk bags came in the mail yesterday, so I am super excited! I have had a few misadventures with some of my blends, but i’m having fun learning.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Just saw Victoria Boutenko speak and she said that Vitamix will get to the molecular level of greens, but regular blenders will not…interesting!

    I had the Vitamix 4000 commercial and it was great! Gave that to my Brother and got the 5000…I LOVE the clear container BUTTTTTTTTT it is made with toxic plastic. The newest version is no longer made with that plastic, soooooooo I’d either go with the brand, spanking newest model of Vitamix, or go with the 4000 which has the stainless cannisters instead of plastic. I never had anything but smooth smoothies with that blender. I’ve heard complaints about the 3600, but it’s like anything else you buy, there are some lemons and some not, AND they are cheap enough at times on ebay if you check the “Buy It Now” items numerous times in a day…a cheap one WILL come up and if it is close to where you live and you can avoid shipping…bingo, even cheaper :)

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    I have the vita-mix 4500 and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Before purchasing mine (on ebay) I did some major research because I had the same question you have, I actually came across a site that compares older versions to the new 5000 version with charts and such, and the outcome was actually surprising because the 4000 and 4500 were practically the exact same as the 5000 except for the extra speed nob the 5000 has. So I was pretty happy that I got to save roughly $250! I forget which site it was, but I’ll post it if I find it.

  • I had an Oster Beehive. It was great, but not made for daily sustained use. I put a LOT of greens in my green smoothies, and it was getting bogged down when the pitcher was 3/4 full. I got a Blendtec and LOVE it. No problems – I can even grind avocado pits!

    I’d say the Beehive is great unless you are an intensive blender user. Also, it won’t grind orange or apple seeds, cucumber skins will be chunky, date paste cannot be made velvety smooth, etc. There ARE differences, but the Beehive will certainly work for many people.

  • I have to second Rawmama’s reply to go with a newer non-toxic version of a Vitamix… and, mostly, because of the fact that other health guru’s and Victoria Buotenko cite: you want to fully break down the components of the food to the smallest size possible, so that they are easily absorbed through the walls of the intestinal tract. In this way, the live nutrients along with their vital enzymes are easily carried to your cells, to provide your body with optimal nutrition.

    Standard blenders simply don’t have strong enough motors to do this job effectively; YES, perhaps the smoothie SEEMS smooth enough in the Oster or other store bought blenders, but, on a micro level it’s not!

    If you’re using ANY blender to make green smoothies, you’re on the right track; there are still great health benefits to be gained, and you have to buy what you can afford! :) But ultimately, in my humble opinion, a stronger blender it’s better… The key to all of this is to go with a blender that has a motor close to 3 horsepower, such as the Vitamix, Blend Tec, K-Tec etc… the standard store bought blenders just won’t break things down enough for you to receive optimal nutrient absorption, such as these blenders do.

    Personally, I LOVE Vitamix and can’t wait to get the new 5200!
    By the way, if you REALLY want to ramp up your nutrient & antioxidant intake, (and have a powerful blender) add chopped avocado pits to your smoothies for FANTASTIC nutritional value! (but just add one… they can taste bitter). :) Craigslist and ebay are GREAT resources for used blenders.

    Best of luck with your decision.

    Chef Tresa

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I’ll look thru her book, Green for Life, and see if it says it in there also. I imagine that Vitamix would have some sort of data that would prove this wouldn’t they?

  • I submitted the thread “Vitamix, a toxic blender” from this site to my friend who works at the European Plastic Manufacturers’ Association and I’m waiting for an answer very much because I still haven’t decided which blender to buy. Mind you, the Vitamix 5200 model is not available in Europe.

    I’m also wondering what backs up Victoria Boutenko’s claims.

  • OK so I bought a 5200 with all the bells and whistles , I could always return it "not" ever. I have an almost new Cuisinart blender now sitting way out of sight.. I wanted to juice but now I find it is good for so much more. Avocado pits I grind up then spread out to dry then do a regrind on the dried , the come out with a nice red color and I don't notice any bitterness at all. But then I only use about a table spoon of the powder in my strawberry Keefer banana smoothie along with a tablespoon of flax .. The thing about avocado pits is that using many of them can get quite expensive unless you live under an avocado tree, that is.. very profound too, me and the Buddha sitting under the avocado tree. All said I have not been able to find much that is definitive about the value an avocado pit has, only that is probably won't hurt you..I do know that the ground avocado pit was used often in very far and dim past as a cleansing of parasites (worms etc) from the intestinal tract. So what else is it good for.. Does anyone have any real substanciated facts on the subject.

  • i have both a vitamix 4000 i just can't part with and the newer 5200. love them. the money saved using them pays for 'em in a very short while. have you seen the price of raw prepared foods? omg. i make my own kale chips, macaroons, 'mac and cheese', onion bread, nut butters, nut pate, and a whole lot more fresh and fast in mine.

    i'm sure if you have one you do too.

    i endorse these and am an affiliate for vitamix you can get free shipping and i can get credit for your purchase through one of my websites or if you call in (by calling in you may do a 3 part payment plan--that's awesome!) use my affiliate code 06-004658 to save and check my sites or your health and healing needs i keep posting more recipes on the blendeverything site so check back often :)



    happy holidays

    i'm going to be posting a great raw cranberry relish recipe mmmm good.

    if you need any questions answered about the vitamix or get confused, feel free to contact me through my contact page just let me know that you're writing from here @ gone raw.com


    rona :D

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