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I’m going to Belgium over the summer and I’m going to be there for 6 weeks. I was wondering if anyone knows of any food market that are over there.


  • Hi, in which city in Belgium will you be staying? There are 4 foodmarkets/organic markets to my knowledge. I live in Holland but the site I got the information from is in Dutch, so I have looked it up quickly for you with addresses an all.

    In Belgium, like in Holland, it is also possible to buy your products on a local farm. They have a little farmshop with most farms.

    And here is a link to another Belgium website regarding organic / raw food. Maybe they have some more information for you concerning foodmarkets in Belgium. Their website is in English as well. website www.groenedag.org e-mail info@groenedag.org

    Hope this information helps…

    Organic market Brussels
    1000 Brussels
    every wednesday: 9 – 14

    Organic market Antwerp
    2000 Antwerp
    every first sunday of the month: 10 – 14

    Farmer market
    Noordstraat 25
    2220 Heist-op-den-Berg
    every sunday: 8.30 – 12

    Organic market
    9000 Gent
    every friday: 8 – 13

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    Thank you so much! This is really helpful. I will be staying in Ghent, Belgium. I’m really quite excited.

  • Your welcome…I am glad I could help…

  • hi, is there any other raw fooder on this forum from Bruxelles? I just moved here and I’m a bit lost where to find ingredients and also would be very nice to get to know other raw foodists.

  • Hello Springfairy, welcome to BXL. Guess what I am from Hungary as well living here since 2005.

    Apart from Raw Dutchie’s links there is a small but nice shop near to Cinquantenaire: http://www.lasaga.be/ with two times a week organic delivery.

    Also there is www.bioplanet.be which is member of a bigger shopping chain.

    Would be nice to meet once in a while. Please check my profile for my contacts ;)

  • Eszter, sorry I can’t see any contact detail at your profile, please let me know your availability some way. Many thanks for the info, supposedly there’s a shop in Ninove with raw food ingredients that I found on Groenedag.

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