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"I can't believe it's not butter'

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!I made the ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ recipe and it was awful. What did I do wrong? I bought some FSC organic coldpressed flaxseed oil and it was very sharp. I put the mix in my food processor and it still had a bitty texture. I suspect that a liquidiser would have been better. Would a liquidiser get the bits of coconut out? But the thing is, it tased of the flaxseed oil?????

Update: I have spent a long time reading this site and found out about young coconuts. Did the one who posted this recipe use young coconuts or old ones?


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Just a thought, are you sure your flax seed oil was ok? It goes off really, really easily. Maybe if you tried it using olive oil or coconut oil you may have more success? The recipes on goneraw are great, but there is always much to be learned and enjoyed through playing around with them. I always do and rarely follow a recipe to the letter.

  • Yes, I just bought it a couple of days ago. I don’t like the taste of it. I will play around with the recipe though. It would be nice to get it right. Thanks for your input.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    If I were you I’d return it to the shop and get a refund. Sounds like it has gone off. It needs to be kept in the fridge. If they had it out on a counter then it is their fault it went off…

  • I’ll take it back on Monday. Thanks

  • Hi blix,
    Do you know if you got a flax seed oil with the lignans added? Lignans are like the hulls of the flax seeds and can add a more bitter taste to it, some say though that it adds a nuttier flavor too. What brand did you buy?

  • The flax oil I bought is FSC (food supplement company) and is cold pressed. I don’t know whether it has lignans in it but it reminds me of the linseed oil I use for oil painting.

  • Sounds like it was rancid if it was that sharp. I like Spectrum brand..it has a mild, slightly buttery taste..that reminds me, I better go get some more!

  • hmm, well I’m not familiar with that brand. if you didn’t have to shake it or didn’t see particles floating about then it probably didn’t have the lignans in it so it could have been past expiration. I really like Barleans brand, Spectrum is good but I’ve also found that the Whole Foods brand is really tasty too. hope that helps!

  • Thanks for your input. I got the , well, I won’t call it butter’, more like pulped up old coconut held together with oil thing (lol) out of the fridge and it crumbled and what I will use it for is putting it in curries. I have divided it up and put it in the freezer. I will look up the other brands of flax oil and give it another try. I am really looking forward to a healthy butter.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I made that recipe and it turned out great! I used flax, coconut butter, and a litle salt. My family adores it, and we have been using it ever since it was posted. Sorry to hear that you haven’t had such a good experience.

  • I posted a recipe for whipped buttery spread that is delicious and has no flax oil in it.


  • I have a young coconut coming today, delivered with my shopping. I will try again when flax oil is delivered. Spiritedmama, what brand of flax oil do you use? Renoir, I have just looked up your recipe and it looks good. I will try that one first. Thanks.

  • debbietookdebbietook Raw Master

    I buy my flax oil from Stone Mills in the UK. I can drink it off a spoon it’s so lovely..to me it tastes like candy-floss (but I’m a bit weird). BUT a while ago I saw some in Tesco (big UK supermarket) so bought some. It was expensive, so (incorrectly) assumed it would be good. It tasted dreadful – really sharp and totally different in flavour from Stone Mills. So – flax oil can vary!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    A bit off topic nut never mind – In tescos and most health food shops here it costs

  • I found that Tescos prices have been creeping up and now I don’t go there. I shop at Asda now for my groceries. Where can I get Stone Mills flax seed oil?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Ha Ha me too, I just switched to ASDA! I think their veggies are far higher quality they seem fresher too, they get things more locally than Tescos.

  • Hey blix, do you have the recipe or ideas for your curries posted anyshere ? That would be a great thing to use up the 2-3 different jars of strong coconut oil I have.

  • No, I don’t have them posted yet. I sort of threw them together without writing them down. I’ll write them down as I remember what I done. I DID put them in my oven at 40 deg. though. It’s the same temperature as dehydrators but with a shorter timer. I had to keep going out to the kitchen every 90 minutes Ha Ha Ha (time I got a dehydrator!!! I found the coconut oil made it all much creamier like putting coconut milk in without the cooked thing.

  • blix, curries don’t necessarily mean the same to you as they do to us in the U.S., do they? Maybe a thick soup? They could be or not be with an Indian flavor, right. I miss the coconut milk from my Thai curries, but really haven’t played with anything of those flavors for raw. I just can’t think of a way to get my coconut oil into my food w/o getting strange flavors that don’t go together. I don’t really need a recipe, as I just use them for ideas of what to try. So if you can just give me some idea of what kind of raw you would add the coconut oil stuff to.

  • No, it’s no a thick soup. It can be a curry sauce poured over steamed or raw vegetables or meat or even fish. Or it can be vegetables with curyy spices added during ‘cooking’ I put mine in the dehydrator, (or at present in my oven at 40 degrees) to soften the veggies. I have a very sensitive digestive system and I cannot take uncooked spices. I am remembering the recipe and writing it down. The curry I do is mild, but you can add more spice if you wish. My coconut oil is a bland flavour but adds creaminess. I have an appointment shortly, so when I come back I will post the info later today and you can adapt it.

  • What I do with the coconut oil is to chop it as finely as possible. It is messy but worth it. I heat filtered water to just below the maximum for staying raw and put the oil in with that along with finely chopped onion, garlic, carrot, a 1 inch piece of ginger and three tomatoes, finely chopped. I also cut up one potato very small and put that in with 1 tsp. each of presoaked cumin and mustard seeds and 1 tsp. strong curry powder. Then I dehydrate it for as long as it takes to thicken with the potato which is in it. The amount of water depends on your personal taste, but the oil melts when it gets to room temmperature anyway. Yes,I suppose UK curries are a thick soupy texture. The veggies are usually not soft like the cooked version. This all goes on the grated cauliflower base which of course replaces rice. In my oven, I use a pyrex dish which has been heated first. It is the same with soups. Instead of heating the soups after I have blended them, I heat the water to just below the maximum temperature and blend the veggies in that. After the curry is done, sometimes I add a small amount of the juice of carrot and celery to replace the stock cube I used to use. Add what protein you like.
    I hope this helps. I was experimenting with a recipe which I liked which was cooked. It still needs some fine tuning.

  • I am so sorry blix for not responding as quickly. I posted this recipe, it is from a book by Gabriel Cousens. When I made this recipe, I used young cocunuts, I apoligize for not being more specific. As for flax seed, I buy mine in a health food store, it must be ONLY in a dark bottle and refrigerated, otherwise don’t buy it! From time of opening the flax seed oil, it is only good for 3 weeks in your refrigerator. I hope you don’t give up on this recipe, because it is one of my favorites.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    For butter we just combine coconut oil and salt, it will solidify in the fridge. Tastes good on raw corn on the cob :)

  • Thank you deegarry. I thought there was only the brown coconuts. Your recipe has opened up a whole new world for me. When I used margarine or butter in the past, although I enjoyed the taste, I was always consious of the animal/bad health factors involved, now, I don’t have to worry, because I have learned that coconut is so good for us. Thanks again. Thanks Rawmama as well

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    I second Rawmama. Raw organic Coconut oil is the exact same texture as butter at room temperature. You have to melt the coconut oil just like you would the butter. The mouth feel is the same and if you buy raw and organic it barely tastes like coconut. Just like nice sweetish oil. And they add salt to butter, so adding salt to the coconut oil would give it the same taste as the butter. Coconut oil is my butter replacement for anything. In the summer, coconut oil does get clear and oily at room temperature because melts at 70 degrees. But so would regular butter, that’s why it is kept in the refrigerator etc.

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