Still detoxing and Pregnant!!!

I started eating raw a few weeks ago. I was planning on just doing it to lose my last few poundds from baby #2 (now 13 months). Well, I dropped my last 8 pounds and felt fabulous. My fatigue is gone, my back doesn’t hurt, and my skin and body are glowing so I decided that the raw way of life is totally for me. Well, I just found out I am pregnant with baby #3! I know being raw during pregnancy is more than OK, but my fear is that since I am still detoxing, my baby be absorbing the toxins I am releasing. I’d love to hear thoughts on this subject and any thoughts and ideas on how to have a raw and fabulous pregnancy. I have already ordered jinjee’s ebook “Raw Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth” which should be quite helpful, but I want all the info/resources I can get!


  • pearjoypearjoy Raw Newbie

    Dear Casserole,
    You have a good point. In my opinion, I would say while raw, the baby would not be ingesting any additonal chemicals or toxins, and would feel as good as you do. I hope this helps, I’m a big fan of Jinjee and Storm and their lovely children, I’m sure she’ll put your mind to ease!!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    The body naturally goes through a detox processs everyday of your life. Otherwise, you store the toxins in fatty tissues. I would be more concerned about getting sufficient B-12 than detoxing. Chelating is another story. Get some advice from a nutritionist if this concerns you. CONGRATULATIONS! for baby #3.

  • Hi Casserole and congratulations!

    I would send Jinjee email and ask her this and other questions you have on this matter. I love this family and they are such role models for everybody, especially if you have or are going to have children.Ther children are so beautiful and adorable, not just ther looks but ther personalitys to. I bought all ther e-books and Breakthrough documentary film about ther beautiful family and I have never seen kids like them in my hole live WOW! (I just wanted to go through the tv and squeeze and cuddle them ;)
    Anyway, you can find her email address on ther webside.

  • BirdseedBirdseed Raw Newbie

    Drink lots of red raspberry tea during entire pregnancy; it’s God gift to women. Carrot juice has lots of usable calcium for growing babies. Keep it up. EFA’s: avocado, soaked nuts, flax seed soaked. Greens, veggies, has lots of vitamins and minerals.

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