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Living Food & Spiritual Path

DelphineDelphine Raw Newbie

I would like to know who is eating living food as a way to enhance & deepen their Spiritual Path: Self Realisation, Oneness with the Source found in everyone & everything …?

I am : )


  • I didn’t start raw food for that reason, but I’ve read a lot about others adventures. I’ve found my senses enhanced (I’m only on day 18!), especially my sense of smell. I can see how a spiritual person would embrace this as part of becoming more aware of your surroundings. This is something that I might grow into, but I’m not there yet. I look forward to further changes in my awareness!

  • I see my spiritual path as being entwined with all other paths in my life, as if it is not something separate, but rather the guiding force behind every step and every breath taken. I suppose, then, that it was a primary consideration behind my journey into raw as your cells must be pure before they can be in perfect communication with each other, and carry more light. Seeing the kirlian photos of cooked vs raw foods was a major issue for me as if I am what I eat I certainly would rather have the auric field of the raw veggies!

    Oneness with the source is something I see coming more from the state of our spirit’s relationship with God/Goddess and that what we’re driven to eat is more of a result of this, rather than the cause. Bryan Farnum did a talk about this on his radio show this Sunday. However, eating purer foods does seem to beckon you to ‘detoxify’ other areas of your life. I’d say that so far raw has brought better people into my life, greater sense of self-worth, and more peace.

    Delphine, what changes have you noticed in terms of spiritual awareness since going raw?

  • DelphineDelphine Raw Newbie

    Hi Raw_Chocohollic,
    I have always felt connected to the source found in everything & everyone yet cooked food altered it as well as gave me big time indigestions, low energy …
    Rawfood for me is like being “home”, it is effortless, the body channels feel open, my heart feels boundless & my connection with the Source in everything & everyone keeps on getting deeper.

    May this be helpful : )

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I think that that was not my original intent, but I certainly do feel more connected. Also, since going raw, many opportunities to enhance and grow my spirituality have been put before me. So, now that 2 paths are intertwined.

  • This is not exactly relating to raw foods, but it does have some relation to eating and our spiritual development: in replying to others on eating disorders, I used some quotes from Maria Montessori, a medical doctor and originator of the ‘Montessori Method’ of education for children. With some surprise I discovered that one of her books is available for full view from Google books: “The Advanced Montessori Method” (http://books.google.com/books?id=__MSAAAAIAAJ&p…,M1)

    In this book she discusses the spiritual life of the child and other areas which relate to their health, as well as their education. But what she states also applies to adults, as one develops into the other, and present many insights regarding the “proper feeding and care”, so to speak, of the soul. Keep in mind this was published in 1917:

    Page 24:
    “When we delude ourselves with the idea that we are giving everything to children by giving them fresh air and food, we are not even giving them this: air and food are not sufficient for the body of man; all the physiological ?functions are subject to a higher welfare, wherein the sole key of all life is to be found. The child’s body lives ?also by joyousness of soul. Physiology itself teaches us these things. A frugal meal taken in the open air will nourish the body far better than a sumptuous repast in a close room, where the air is impure, because all the functions of the body are more active in the open air, and assimilation is more complete. In like manner a frugal meal eaten in common with beloved and sympathetic persons is much more nutritious than the food a humble, harassed secretary would partake at the lordly table of a capricious master. Liberty in this case is the cry that explains all. [...] Where our lives are oppressed, there can be no health for us, even though we eat of princely banquets or in splendid buildings. With man the life of the body depends on the life of the spirit.”

    Page 165:
    “Continuing the parallel with physical nutrition, let us consider the growing infant which has cut its teeth, developed its gastric juice, and so gradually requires a more complicated diet, until we come to the adult man, nourishing himself by means of all the complications of modern kitchen and table; to keep himself in health, he should eat only the things which correspond to the intimate needs of his organism; and if he introduces over-rich or unusual, unsuitable or poisonous substances, the result will be impoverishment, self-poisoning, a “malady.” Now it was the study of the child’s nutrition during the period of suckling and during the first years of life which created alimentary hygiene, not only for the child but for the adult, and pointed out the perils to which all were ?alike exposed during the epoch when infantile hygiene was unknown. There is a singular parallel in psychical life: the man will have an infinitely more complex life than the child; but for him, too, there should always be a correspondence between the needs of his nature and the manner in which his spirit is nourished. A rule of internal life will always promote the health of the man.”

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