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elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

Weird experience today I though I’d share,
I was feeling fine, and then decided to make some mashed “potatoes” for dinner with parsnip and cashew as the base. this would be the first time i used cashews in a month or two. anyway, after eating at least two handfuls worth of cashews, i felt SO awful. its almost like a hangover, im literally still walking around with my eyes half open and i have a terrible stomach ache. my energy has dropped waay down all of a sudden.

maybe its the cashews, as i hear they are not truly raw? (ive never had a reaction like this from anything else ive eaten). im taking this as a sign that my body is becoming more sensitive to impurities.

hopefully this “hangover” will be gone by tomorrow…


  • Just a guess without testing, but perhaps either the nuts or the parsnips were contaminated? Fungus? Bacterium? Or some yucky sort of dust to which they may have been exposed at some point? ANY food can have this problem, including greens, fruits, etc.

    According to the Quantum Techniques videos (QT is a form of energy psychology), you can use muscle testing to check any and all of your food before consumption.

    Sometimes the problem can be the combination, regardless of whether or not you’ve followed food combining rules. Your energy and that food might not do well together that day, or you’ve inadvertently created a compound to which you may be sensitive. Sensitivities can certainly vary from day to day as your energy levels and emotional challenges, among other things, change.

  • Every time i eat cashews i feel the exact same way, even when they’re from a reputable RAW company. I feel sluggish, thick and foggy. It’s hard for me to do anything.. So i generally try [key word being try] to stay away from them 6 out of the 7 days in a week. [I’ve been trying to do the one free day per week idea.. so usually on my ‘free day’ i have cashews.. because they’re so damn good- I really wish they didn’t make me feel so crappy.]

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I think I heard that cashews are like peanuts and have a type of fungus contamination to them… I don’t know though. I stay away from them, they just don’t ‘feel’ right to me.

  • I’ve just read other places that cashews are often contaminated with mycotoxins….so I think that goes right along with Morning_theft’s post. My naturopath told me not to eat them or peanuts. Too bad because they do taste good and I’m sure contribute significantly to the creamy texture we try to achieve often when using nuts to make sauces etc. But I always sub raw almonds for cashews in the recipes. May not be the same result, but I feel it’s safer.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    They are only raw if you buy the very very expensive ones from a raw food website. The ones from natures first law can be sprouted – it says on their website they have a photo of a sprouted one.

    All the others are extracted using heat/steam. Although some people on here said they had sprouted reghular “raw” cashews, which is amazing I wouldn’t have believed that was possible.

    Cashews are surrounded by a toxic liquid they grow like that, the heat applied during processing helps to get rid of it.
    I hear raw fooders complain about being sick from the really raw ones, they make me feel very queasy too.Just seems like if we were wild then we wouldn’t eat them because they’d make us so sick so I avoid them.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    They contain cardiol, a toxic skin irritant that is also found in poison ivy, poison oak. I sometimes got nauseated when I ate them and the kind that I bought were most likely heated to remove the shell. Heating doesn’t remove all the toxin apparently. I won’t eat them anymore. Pine nuts and macadamias are creamy too if you want to make a cream sauce.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    maes me wonder if even heating doesn’t remove all the toxin, then how the heck do the people producing the really raw ones get rid of it?

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    Gawd,after reading these posts,think I’ll give cashews a miss.

  • to jenoz: I have also heard about muscle testing to check food. I think it was Wayne Dyer who I heard talking about this. Orange juice = good , coke = bad…. do you know how to do it? I think that would be a handy trick in the grocery store…. and in my kitchen :-)

  • i’ve eaten cashews here and there for a long time…and i just recently cut them out completely. i went through a craving period for them last month and i realized that i was becoming really irritable…then i ran out for like two weeks and my mood improved. i thought it might have been some sort of ‘emotional detox’ at first, but i also thought it might have been the cashews, in light of the ‘mycotoxin’ theory. so, i started using pine nuts mixed with other nuts/seeds instead. i don’t even miss the cashews and my mood is great now. so, i don’t KNOW if they had anything to do with it…but i really think they might have.

    my sleep/waking up has also improved. i didn’t realize i was being that dragged down until it stopped!

    so, i don’t know. i think i will try to stay away from them for good. ;-)

  • I feel very sick when I take cashews as well. I have not had cashews in a while… I should give them another try but I have a feeling nothing will change.

    Before, when I would even so much as put my lips to a spoonful of cashews- I would gag right away. wow to that.

  • now that I think about it its appearing to become way more than just a coincidence that so many of us are sharing the same symptoms. But do any of you “gag” when eating cashews?

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    thanks all, this makes sense, especially what 123 said about cashews containing a skin irritant, because i broke out in a light rash on my arms soon after eating.
    the concept of inadvertently creating a combination or eating something that just isn’t right for you that day really rings true to me!

  • You know, I personally hated spending SOOO much on something even though it tasted so good, so I started replacing young coconut meat for the cashew where it is called for to thicken items.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    harmonylia, that’s a really good idea! i’ll be keeping that in mind for sure.

  • BirdseedBirdseed Raw Newbie

    Did you soak the cashew in water for several hours first? This helps change the nuts from acidic to alkaline and digest much better. And of course raw cashews to start with. Those with healthier livers and gall bladders may be able to handle them unsoaked but not so with unhealthy livers/gall bladder conditions. Rarely do I grind my nuts, but almost always soak nuts overnight.

  • I can’t take cashews either, as I write this I face the consequences of having eaten some in a carrot “pumpkin” pie I made, I think I’ll use macadamias from now on. Every time I eat cashews I feel heavy, nauseous, bloated and plain bad. I think I won’t eat them again sniff.

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