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Sesame street on milk

soo funny my DD who is 3 was watching sesame street and there was a cow who put a glass under herself made some grunting noises and produce a white frothy glass of milk. I have stopped drinking milk about 3 months ago and find that realy gross, I breasfeed and I dont know anyone who would like me to serve them up a glass by popping out a boob milking myself and saying here ya go! eeeeeeeewwwwwwww and from a cow even weirder :( DD had this look on her face like what the heck are thies people doing LOL.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I think that what’s even more gross is the idea of where an egg comes from. Who had the original idea of eating something that came out of a chicken’s butt? And why does moldy cheese appeal to people?

  • Hahaha! I still love milk, eggs and cheese!!! My body is still not convinced that raw vegan is the way to go. Plus I was raised milking goats and planned on getting some next year and I still think I might! I currently have chickens and I’ve never considered it gross to eat their eggs. I’m going 100% raw for a month and then I’ll eat a hardboiled egg or something and see how my body reacts. If it’s bad, then I’ll probably be posting about how gross eggs are too! We’ll just have to see!

  • Madness- awesome you have your own goat and chickens!!

  • You know DH and I arent grossed out from the brown eggs we get from a local farmer because we’ve seen the chickens and they are pretty and healthy but there is a farm a mile away from our house where all the chickens have balled butts and they just look sick, plus my Ex-MIL took me to Farmer Johns once to buy eggs and it smelles sooooo disgusting inside I wanted to vomit so I dont just buy any eggs. We want to get 2 hens to give us brown eggs :) we only eat them once a month or so.

  • I think knowing the source of the food is much better and makes you feel more comfortable with your food choices. I have frequently been grossed out by milk from the store that seems “off” or that I know is from a factory farm. And to tell you the truth, I guess the whole concept is kinda gross! But I love yogurt and cheese made from goat’s milk. Heck, I love cheese from anything – seeds, nuts or milk!

    Mami – I’ve been to one of those stinky chicken farm places. Even if it’s advertised as “free-range” it doesn’t mean the chickens are healthy. I have 23 hens so I have way more eggs then I can deal with (especially now since no one is eating any!) and I have several loyal ‘customers’ that can’t go back to store bought eggs. They love to bring their kids by and see the chickens and actually collect a few of the eggs that they take home with them. I love my chicks and they are pets, so I don’t charge for the eggs – plus I get favors in return and that’s worth a lot more than a few dollars! I highly recommend getting a few if you do eat eggs – or even if you don’t – they are really great pets! I have one that jumps on my shoulder and whispers in my ear the whole time I’m in the run with them. Very cute!

  • I am not totally against eating dairy…as I sometimes have a bit of hard raw organic cheese but it is sad how programs such as Sesame Street promulgate drinking milk in completely weird and inappropriate ways such as this. Chickens are worse. It amazes me how powerful such organizations such as the dairy council are…and how they are able to spread such misinformation about health claims.

  • I haven’t eaten cheese in months, but when I did eat cheese the moldy ones were my favorite. I would store them on my kitchen counter to keep them alive. I think that most Americans prefer cheese if it looks dead. Those zip-lock bags of Kraft shredded cheese that get thrown into the fridge are basically body bags for something dead.

  • RawJim- oops I’m so use to only one forum that I’ve ever frequented and am so used to the slang DD= dear/darling daughter DH= dear/darling husband MIL= mother in law

  • i am a cheese-lover. moldy, stinky, sharp, creamy, runny, whatever have you…i used to frequent the cheese shops in nyc…but i don’t crave it anymore at all. it doesn’t gross me out though. i tried to eat a tiny bite of my mom’s ham on thanksgiving, however, and i nearly vomited. ugh!!! i can’t take meat so easily anymore. which is really good, because the people around me eat it ALL THE TIME!

    i think those clips on sesame street and whatnot are really funny. morbid, but funny. however, i DO think it’s sad that children are being brainwashed at such young ages! we have dairy products shoved down our throats at the earliest possible ages ‘for the calcium’, and yet, we have more osteoporosis than any other people! is everyone just walking around with their eyes closed?!

    we have to hope our children are smarter than we give them credit for…and mami, it sounds like your ‘dd’ will have a pretty good grasp on things if she thought that was strange… ;-)

  • too true, jamestheraw… not only osteoporosis, but milk and dairy cause so much yucky build up in our bodies and there is so much asthma and junk in kids today too. my nephew is forced (yes, my mother in law makes him hold his nose as she pours it down his throat) to drink warm milk 3x’s a day and he is constantly battling a running nose, gross cough and sneezing. everyone in my husband’s family thinks i’m crazy for not making my daughters drink it, but neither of my girls are stuffed up with mucus!

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