Herb Garden

Herb Garden


  • I’ve been dropping hints on thats what I want for Christmas, lets see if my hubby gets the picture or if I actualy have to cut out the add and stick it to the mirror LOL. I am sold on it and like the red one.

  • I’m currently doing the AeroGarden tomatoes.
    They are growing fast and look healthy, though it’s still awhile before I’ll be getting any tomatoes on it.

    Well give feedback as I get to eat them.

  • I’ve been thinking about this hydroponic setup.

    Hydrofarm Emily’s Garden System -


    with this lighting system -


    I ordered a hydroponic book last week, and want to read it before taking the plunge. There’s also a hydroponics store near me—Maryland Hydroponics (haven’t visited yet).

    Would like to hear others experiences with hydro systems.

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