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green smoothies

so i’m finally venturing into green smoothies, and i love the taste and i feel great when i drink them. the problem is that they make my mouth itch, and sometimes my throat. i’m using all organic fruit and fresh greens. i can’t figure it out.
i’ve tried all different fruits and i get the same reaction everytime. i’m only using about 1 cup or a little more per smoothie, so its not a huge amount of greens.
any thoughts?


  • Weird…never had that happen to me! What kind of greens? I’ve used kale, collards, lettuce, spinach and bok choy. The last two are my favorite by far as the flavor is not very strong and you don’t have to add much fruit.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    maybe you’re allergic to the kinds of greens you’re using? have you tried mild greens like baby spinach?

  • i’m using baby spinach most of the time

  • When I eat (cooked) spinach soup, I get that weird throat tingle. Maybe it’s the oxalic acid?

  • very likely is the oxalic acid..try kale, dandelion greens,parsley,celery & other greens and then phase in a little spinach sometimes. Might depend somewhat on where the greens are grown also..60% fruit vs 40% greens also usually works best. Mangoes in season are great but now buying lower grade apples which work well for smoothies. A bit of fresh pineapple, 1/4 of a papaya,2 or 3 bananas, 3 or 4 apples & a couple of small limes take care of the fruit portion- then I jam in the greens -swiss chard, kale, parsley, dandelion,aloe,celery & blend for a powerhouse of nutrients.. (and usually take a hour or so sippin & ‘chewing’ it while doing the morning chores on my computor.) enjoy.. tis a great way to start the day…

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