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I will be spending this weekend with my boyfriend and his family for his graduation and I am sure we will be eating out quite a bit. My issue is that at most places the majority (if not all) of the entree salads have chicken,beef or seafood on them! How have you all dealt with this? Can I ask them for the salad without the meat? Will it cost just as much? It seems silly to pay for a chicken breast I am not getting! Any tips? I can’t live off of tiny side salads.


  • I’m new to raw and just had my first restaurant experiences this weekend. My boyfriend’s mom came into town and we ate out lunch and dinner for 3 days! Almost every where, I had to resort to the “dinner salad” which consists of iceberg lettuce and two or three cherry tomatoes. Most other salads had at least three non-raw ingredients (meat, roasted nuts, cheese, beans, etc). If it had just been one, I would have asked for them to cut it, but I hate to be a hassle! One restaurant had 3 or 4 delicious all raw salads for me to choose from – I was impressed!

    In addition to the dismal dinner salad, most places either had a fruit plate or guacamole salad or something that added to my meal. But I kept LOTS of snacks with me – learned that after the first day. I was starving after two meals of a tiny salads!

    But if it’s just chicken or seafood, I would tell the waiter you are a vegetarian (much easier for them to understand) and see if they can’t accommodate you by leaving off the meat and not paying for it. I’ve always been a vegetarian, so I have lots of practice at this. Most places will charge you the full amount, but I think as more and more people stop eating meat, restaurants are being to be more accommodating.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the encouragement! The avocado idea is great, especially at a mexican restaurant. I thought about just asking for no meat but extra toppings instead.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    the least expensive option for me has been to ask for how ever many “small green salads” i need. these “side salads” are just greens. sneaking in some almonds or your own avocado is an option.

    HOWEVER, if you are going to a nice restaurant, never underestimate the creativity of the chef. call in advance and send him/her a list of things you CAN eat and i bet you’ll get something pretty amazing. everyone likes a challenge. and since it’s just cut up veggies, it shouldn’t be too expensive either (though do ask before you get there).

    good luck,

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