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need winter inspiration

i’ve recently found myself in a winter rut.

i don’t particularly like dehydrated crakers, breads, etc… or nut patties and stuff like that. i like light food, but at night i find i need something more filling than my mid-day salad and i’ve been finding it easier to digest a big plate of steamed veggies with tomato sauce (obviously, not raw). it’s not that it’s WARM, it’s that it is LIGHT yet filling/satisfying.

i’d love suggestions from you seasoned raw vegans who live in cold climes (snow!).

my favorite flavors are sour, savory, and spicy… i love all veggies.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    If you make almond milk and have pulp on hand, I posted a recipe on this site that I sometimes make with the pulp. I called it almond pulp pate, but it is more of a vegetable stuffing with almond pulp. There is a photo of stuffed peppers with this recipe. It can be seasoned any way that you can imagine. I like it during the winter because it’s filling and it seems more like a meal than a salad sometimes does. It’s not dehydrated (but can be) or fatty because the fat went into the mylk. It can be used as a filling for a wrap too.


  • 1Christine1Christine Raw Newbie

    Try soups! They are so easy and fast in a Vitamixer blender. If you do feel the need for something warm, use warm water, preheat your bowl with hot water, etc. Also, use warming spices. Some of my favorites are winter squash, brocolli, carrot, sweet potato, etc…You get the idea!
    I live in the snow and it hasn’t gone above freezing in over a week!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    123- that recipe looks fabulously non-dense and filling. will try. plus, i forgot about almond mylk, that might be a good thing to drink every once in a while in this weather. thank you!

    1christine- i have tried soups actually, but can’t find one that isn’t a bit too sweet for me. i made one with carrot, squash, yam, and celery the other night that gave me a headache. i haven’t tried broccoli soup yet though. intriguing… what would you blend it with? also, i don’t have a vitamix, which means i have to juice and then blend, which can be quite a clean up project.

  • Do you have a Saladacco? If so, you might look into it. If you’re not familiar, it allows you to make noodles (raw) out of your favorite vegetables. Then, in the vitamix, make a tomato sauce and enjoy. I was surprised to find that the tomato sauce raw has much more flavor than the cooked version. I do the following:

    Four medium sized tomatoes
    fresh basil
    fresh ground pepper
    little bit of salt

    blend it all up! If you let it blend for a while, it will get warm from the friction. Place it in a warmed up bowl with your noodles and it’s delicious! Plus, you’ll stay raw… :) Let me know how it goes.

  • 123, just a random question regarding that post.. does the fat go with the milk with whatever nut/seed you are using? [so that the pulp would be low in fat but high in protein and fiber?]

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    mmtol- saladacco. that would certainly help me make the most out of wintry repetition of veggies (not much selection in the northeast!).

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    The fat is optional, but when I use it, I add it to the pulp after the water and miso or seasalt. The pulp seems to need some fat and I need the omega 3 and 6 to build brain tissue (myelin sheath). I’m not sure how much protein is left in the pulp after making the milk, but the fiber is obviously still there.
    I don’t use as much almond pulp as I do veggies, as you can probably tell by the picture. It just seems to bind everything and tie it all in together.

    I use this pate as a sushi rice too. I add riced cauliflower, a banana (yes a banana) blended with a little water, a dash of flax oil and a splash of ACV, I add almond pulp until the right texture is achieved. After ricing the cauliflower and blending the wet ingredients, I hand mix everything in a bowl. It’s my favorite sushi rice yet. The leftovers become taco meat when cumin, salt and cayenne are added.

    Almond pulp is very versatile!

    There isn’t much of a produce selection in mid Texas, where most people eat beef, usually barbequed, and potatoes.

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