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Sea Veggie Info

Sorry to be the bearer of not such great news, but I think raw foodists need to know about this:

  • Emerald Cove Hijiki and Arame are not raw products. As per the company rep, after being sun dried and washed they are steamed and then soaked in the hot steam water.
  • Emerald Cove Untoasted Nori are not raw products. As per the company rep it “is dried at 104


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Bummer but good to know. Thanks.

  • I know, it really is a bummer. I will share some other dismaying news on other products that we consider raw soon. It makes me angry that we are not given complete information to know if something is really raw or not.

  • Please share soon RCBAlive ~ we truly appreciate the time you used to research about the seaweed!

  • My pleasure alive4sure. I really want people to be able to make conscious decisions based on accurate information. I will post as soon as I can.

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the info. Some of it is very disappointing, but it is good to know.

  • Yes, very disappointing. I feel violated. Feel like we are being deceived. Especially the untoasted nori. Who would have thought? Why even bother to not toast it if it is cooked?

  • what about the mendocino seaweed company???

  • RCBAlive, I’m also very bummed, I used to order from the US (I live in Europe) from some of the companies you mentioned believing their produce was raw. Do you know anything about Clearspring sea veggie products?

  • Chefraw I never heard of mendocino, nor have I heard of clearspring Springfairy. I will look into both companies. But there are some options that are organic and raw. I think that Maine Coast probably provides the most options. I will get back on those other companies.

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    Love the kelp!!!! Won’t be giving it up

  • Another thing about nori that I discovered recently. It’s gathered in nets, and then everything is put into a large blender. Little fish get caught in the nets and they become part of the nori mix. That’s why nori tastes fishy, so it’s not really vegan.

  • Where did you get that info ron4540?

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I’ve heard the same thing about Nori—I think I read it from one of thegardendiet.com e-books.

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    I hate fish and nori. YUCK

  • RCBAlive – I read about the fish & nori connection in a raw book I saw at Barnes & Noble. I don’t remember the name of it. It said that nori can contain up to 5% fish without fish being listed on the label.

  • Oh YUCK! I will have to look into that. First raw nori is cooked and now it is fish. Thanks Karmyngirl and Ron4540.

  • Anyone check into Gold Mine Raw Organic Nori?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Had the same kind of issue here in the uk with our main nori sellers.
    Clear Spring untoasted nori is not raw!

    I have been making fake nori using blended spinach + olive oil +salt, dehydrated till dry but flexible, it is delicious.

  • rawveganloverawveganlove Raw Newbie

    and www.rawfood.com sells maine coast kelp flakes! what else are they selling that isn’t raw??? i know that lots of nuts are questionable.

    i don’t eat seaweed anyway. i used to buy maine coast seaweed and i’d find dead little shrimp and pebbles mixed in there. pretty nasty. also considering that i’m vegan and don’t want sealife dying for me to eat seaweed. plus, if it comes from the ocean, this day in age, it’s gotta be full of mercury. they say they test for it. that doesn’t mean they do anything about it tho. i get my salt fill from olives and miso. yum

  • Hey Zoe. Would you provide measurements for the ingredients in your fake nori? I have been thinking of doing something like that with kale and other greens and haven’t been sure about the proportions. I would really appreciate it.

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