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Christmas Salad?

I think I want to make a salad to bring to Christmas dinner. I was thinking something with mixed greens..but all I really care about is it being DELICIOUS and festive…something that even the SADDEST of the SAD in my family might enjoy. I was thinking that sprinkling pomegranate seeds on it might be really christmas-y and pretty, but I guess they are annoying to chew? So, are any of you making salads for Christmas, and if so, do you have a recipe to share? Have any of you ever used pomegranate in salads??


  • I am bringing (hopefully) something the same as what you are looking for. I too have meat and potatoe family members that I would love to please.
    If I find something I will reply right away! Thanks for the thread, I am excited to see some responses.

  • For greens, a base of red chard and red lettuce is tasty. The chard should be cut into thin strips so they’re easier to chew. And then I love to shave a lot of different root veggies over the top, like beets and celeriac. I’ve never tried pomegranate seeds in a salad, but I’ve had a lot of luck with cranberries. Many salads taste better with some sort of sweet element.
    I can’t wait to see other ideas.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I posted a recipe for kumquat, bibbed lettuce, pink grapefruit, watercress and avocado salad that I haven’t tried, but it sounds good. I use red grapes, cut in half, often on salads and I use left-over smoothies with various added ingredients for salad dressing. I love fruit in my salads.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    I love pomegranate in both savory and sweet salads—I don’t mind the chewing at all. And it is so beautiful! I think the kernels look like jewels. I do usually wait until the very end to sprinkle the kernels on or mix them in—that way they stay plump and juicy and the colors really pop.

    I don’t have a particular recipe in mind, but if I think of one I will post it. I have found that pomegranates and walnuts make a surprisingly nice combination…

  • pearjoypearjoy Raw Newbie

    pomegranates are definitely jewels. In fact I once ate one with a guy I was crushing on for this reason. I also use them in place of dried fruit everytime.

  • I made the most festive salad that all the sad eaters loved. It was beautiful! It was made up of about 10 diffrent types of fruits/berries,small pieces of mint herb, I mixed a little mixture of lemon juice with agave in with all of the fruit and put slices of starfruit, sprinkled shredded coconut and pomegrante seeds.

  • Oh I almost forgot, most of the people never had pomegrante before. It was a great topic of conversation. Most loved it, a couple moved the seeds to the side of their plate.

  • Try my Sprout salad. It has raisins and pomegranates makes a nice addition too. And it’s healthy, tasty and crunchy. It was liked by many when I took it to a potluck.


    Please remember to pick out any hard seeds (unsprouted) after sprouting process is complete with Fenugreek seeds. They are tough to bite.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Pomegranates are delicious… even with the seeds! I even met someone who ate the pomegranate and spit out the seed; it sure didn’t stop them from eating it… even with several other options just as delicious to choose from.

    I’m making the Wilted Kale salad I posted about on this forum (2nd entry)... it’s perfect because it has the dark green and red colors for Christmas… and makes a nice Christmas wreath.

  • Wow thank you germin8! That looks fantastic!

  • I took one of my own favorite chop salads to an after Christmas party last night, and every body who had it really liked it. I love to use beet greens and stems, red or gold; but red or rainbow chard is also good. With beet greens you get less of that lips sticking to fuzzy teeth feeling like raw spinach does.
    I chiffanade(sp), the greens and herbs (cut in fine strips) and dice the lovely red stems very small. I use chopped bok choy (leaves and stems), maybe romaine, some cilantro or parsley, green or red onions, minced garlic, lemon juice and pine nuts, almonds or walnuts. The red,green and white is very festive, and the salad is fragrant with the garlic and cilantro. If you want to make it ahead, layer it, keeping the beet stems on the botttom, so they don’t bleed onto the white bok choy stems, then add the lemon last and toss in a large bowl to mix well, before placing in your serving bowl, that is when you can taste it to adjust the lemon or add salt. I may vary the greens or add extras like jalapeno and/or avocado, or crisp green apple, or raw cider vinegar with or instead of lemon. It is easy to keep it properly combined, especially if you add no oil.
    I really want to try the wilted kale salad, but for myself first. I hope someone tries mine and has fun with it.

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