raw food enemas?

I’ve been wanting to get a re usable enema bag, but can’t find one anywhere! I want to start doing this every 2 weeks to help with digestion. I figure opening a probiotic or two along with it…my colon will absorb more of where it needs to. Does anyone do this regularly? If so, how often and how has it helped you?


  • go to www.healthline.cc or call 1-800-370-3447

    They have enema buckets for $5.95. Buckets are MUCH MUCH more sanitary than the enema bags.

  • i got mine at a Rexall’s in Alberta…..don’t know if that helps! but i’ve seen them at other drugstores too.

  • OneOne

    Hey, you sure about enemas? Your tissue was never designed for things to go up there but for things to go down… infact overuse of enemas can impair the natural muscle actions of the bowl. You’re better off drinking alot of water and eating raw, your body is apt at cleasing itself.

  • thank you! Yeah, I wasn’t planning on over using it. Its just an easier way to swipe everything clean

  • Enemas are another raw food thing that doesn’t have a proper name. Colonic is better but still not right. The raw foodist doesn’t use colonics to assist in removal of impacted or sluggish bowels, but to clean, strengthen and optimize internal flora even further beyond what the best diet in the world already can do. It should never be depended upon to correct bad eating habits. A good colonic is self administered using a number 15 french catheder tube, available at medical supply stores. I connect this to a hot water bottle but i have used many other things. I just spill the buckets a lot, which can spoil the mood lol. It is best done on a fasting day, and followed by a wheatgrass implant. Throw in some acidophilus for good measure. The wheatgrass implant is awesome because wheatgrass is absorbed before getting to the colon when taken orally. Give a colon some lovin! Wait, that didn’t sound right.

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