Green Juice Vs Green Smoothie

kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

I’ve been drinking green juice for breakfast for months, but just got a blendtec for christmas (yeah!). I am thinking I could put the juicer away and use the blender on the juice cycle for am green juice. Is there any reason to keep juicing instead of blending? I always feel like juicing is a little wastefull (I have a less expensive juicer and there’s a lot of pulp and some whole green leaves left when I make juice)


  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie


    I used to juice a lot and almost never do it anymore since I started with the green smoothies. I just like them more, they feel like more of a complete food. I feel better when I drink them. And it is soooo much easier to rinse out the blender than it is to dismantle and clean the juicer.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I agree with greenie….I only do green smoothies now. Firstly they are a more complete food, because they contain all the fiber as well as the nutrients, and secondly they are so much easier and take so much less cleanup.
    However, for a juice fast of course, green juices are very beneficial.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Personally, I like juice better. I used to only do smoothies but with certain greens such as kale I found that I couldn’t digest them well and they made me bloat. With kale juice I can stomach it much better. Also, celery for one doesn’t blend well, and celery juice is important for building your digestion. So I would say, keep doing both.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    The smoothies have all the fiber. Plus, they oxidize less rapidly than juicing, so you can keep the smoothies in the fridge for up to 3-4 days… unlike the juice. The best part is you can add greens to your smoothie… and juicing greens is almost impossible (for me) since we don’t have a press or special appliance to get the juice out of greens.

    You’re right, what do we need the blender for. I suppose they would be good for liquid fasts… when you want as little (fiber) as possible, but still want the nutrients we all need which we don’t get in a water fast unless you’re taking supplements.

    Also, Boutenko did have ONE example when a man couldn’t digest green smoothies, so they had to juice them… then, he could “graduate” to green smoothies.

    We don’t have problems with blending celery in our high-speed blender.

  • shortnotgoldshortnotgold Raw Newbie

    I use the vitamix for my green smoothies. I haven’t used the juicer (Green Star) since I got the vitamix. However I will start to use the juicer for processing things like sprouted beans for hummus before putting them in the food processor.

  • Green Juice! There is no comparison. If by green juice you mean real green juice: a drink made from a green life or green star or green power juicer of at least 50% green sprouts and 100% greens. They are two different things! A green smoothie is calories with some greens added. It is not a massive dose of green like a green drink. Smoothies almost always contain a sugary fruit or veg like juice, carrots, bananas etc. This fosters the sugar addiction. Smoothies are still great, but they are maintenance food whereas the green juice or green drink is a health tonic of massive proportions similar to wheatgrass juice. Nothing can get so many greens into your body as well as the green drink, and it tastes great without any sweet additives.

  • i’ve been doing both over the last few weeks and its been great for me. green juice in the a.m….cucumber and celery, with spinach or other looses greens, kale, romaine…and a smoothie when i get home from work, some fruit and mixed greens. the juice in the morning feels right, refreshing, and the smoothie for dinner is filling like i crave that time of day.

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