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I am on a mission to find the highest quality, most effective green superfood supplement on the market.
In mind I have the following products:
“Nature’s First Food” a.k.a. “Sun is Shining”
“Pure Synergy”
“Vitamineral Green”

If anybody has any experience, bad or good, with any of these products, or another raw green supplement, I would be thrilled to have your input.
Thanks for your help!


  • Hi Elizabeth,
    I typically put Nutiva Hemp Protein powder and Amazing Grass in my smoothie. They are both chock full of superfoods!

  • I use Vitamineral Green and I LOVE it! On the 2 or 3 rare occasions when I did not have my Vitamineral Green smoothie in the morning, I could definitely feel the difference! Less energy and needed a 2pm nap! I am not 100% raw, still eat at least one cooked meal for dinner, but mostly raw during the day. I think Vitamineral Green is one of the things that keeps me going all day!

  • What are the greens exactly? I have never been sure and have avoided them. What is the differance between the supplements and eating actual greens?

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    some green in superfood blends include: wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina and other seaweeds, etc. The greens and other ingredients are dried at low temperatures and powdered. By this process you can you can supply your body with twice or three times the amount of nutrients in a small dose (1 tbls) For example you can eat more dried greens and herbs than you could fresh. elizabethh, that “Sun is Shining” supplement looks amazing, and I have also heard great thing about “Pure Synergy”

  • I love “Field of Greens”, and add it to my morning smoothie everyday. It is 100% organic and raw. Ingredients inc. alfalfa, barley grass, oat grass, wheat grass, alfalfa, parsley, collards, kale, brocolli and spinach (whew!). I really miss it if I don’t have it each day.

  • Elizabeth, I lived on Nature’s First food and Avocados for approximately 5 weeks about two years ago. I was on a sugar fast and after the first day, I felt no hunger and had excessive amounts of pep. My case was a bit extreme, but did produce a mild euphoria after week 1. Nature’s First Food is absolutlety wonderful. Also, depending on what you are mixing with, I find that this particular supplement has the best mixability and texture I have ever found (especially compared to Pure Synergy, which felt like psyllium).


  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    Andy, I’m a little curious about the Nature’s First Food and avo (fast?) that you mention. Was it a fast or a cleanse? Was it out of necessity? What are the details and proportions taken? I haven’t heard of such a thing – please elaborate, if you would. thanks!

  • Elizabethh,
    The only one I have taken consistently has been Dr. Ben Kim’s Greens. After a month on it, my sinuses started draining yucky green stuff- I hadn’t had a cold in a while so I know it was old built up gunk. Also, it recommends about 3 tsp. a day- I went overboard one day and took 6- the next day I felt like I had come down with the flu. So it is a very good detoxifier. I am sure the others are good too, but I just wanted to add in my experience.

  • For Newbie (not to impose on Elizabeth’s thread): the fast was only eliminating pretty much all forms of sugar from my diet for a while ( i had seen a parasite vid and was terrified). It started as a one week thing and then, I felt so good I decided to continue it until my supply of N.F.F. ran out. I had purchased three bottles online (some friends and I took advantage of a discount by splitting a case of twelve bottles) and had a good 2-3 tablespoons 2-3 times a day. I had a week off of work and wanted to detox as quickly as possible. I felt horrid for the first day, and then the euphoria kicked in. The “healing crisis” you so often hear about was shortened by the high dosage (I deduce…) Honestly, I just chose avos for energy and greens for nutrition. No science, just cravings. It worked gorgeously.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    Thank you all for your responses!

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