Sesame milk

I would really like to get into drinking more sesame milk because it is so high in calcium and the seeds are pretty cheap. The only problem is that I think it tastes horrible, very bitter. I buy raw hulled seeds and follow recipes that are online. Is there something I can do to make it less bitter because I have to add A LOT of dates or honey to make it sweet enough for me to drink. Any tips? Am I supposed to soak the seeds? For how long?


  • maybe add some cashews or some almonds and make a combo with the sesame might add some creaminess and some fat..maybe some brazil nuts also…

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    I make sesame milk regularly for that same reason. I use unhulled seeds and soak them overnight. When I looked at the nutritional label of hulled vs unhulled, the unhulled had like 4x more calcium, so that’s why I choose them. Perhaps you need to add more water? I use approx 2 cups of seeds (soaked – they seem to expand) to make about 1/2 gallon of milk. I also use soaked dates (probably 8 to 10 or so) along with the soak water. It comes out pretty yummy. Not as yummy as almond milk, which is sweeter naturally, but definitely good. Another variation I do is add fewer dates and throw in 1 to 2 bananas. This method really produces a sweeter “shake-like” consistency, especially if the bananas are frozen.

    Another tip, I usually take 2 cups of the milk and use it to soak chia seeds. Chia has 5x more calcium than cow milk. In fact, my toddler just asked for the “chia banana pudding” that I make from this mix (fork mashed banana, chia/sesame milk combo, sprinkle of cinnamon). Hope this helps

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    Bird~ Do you find tahini bitter? Just wondering. I would suggest to try soaking the seeds first before grinding and see if that makes a more taste version. You can experiment… try soaking a batch for 2-4 hours then another batch overnight or longer… Tell us how it goes.

  • Bluedolfin- I DO find tahini to be pretty bitter. Maybe it is just me then, not the milk. I will soak some seeds tonight and make a batch tomorrow to see if I can make it tastier. What are some other not too expensive foods that are high in calicum (besides greens)??

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Bird~ LOL Sounds like you just aren’t a sesame seed fan. In light of that, I’m not sure if soaking/milking sesame seeds is going to help… I guess you just aren’t “into them.” LOL

  • You will be surprised how sweet everything tastes after kicking the sugar addiction. Eating raw is great, but the green raw diet is more than twice as tasty, energetic, convenient and awesome as plain raw. Cut out all sweetners and fruits completely. After only two days you’ll be so glad you did. I eat avocados, mixed greens and sprouts, and wheatgrass juice 3x day. Nut milks are great, I only stopped them because of the prep time. I just eat some sprouted sunflower seeds once in a while.

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    Hi, once I’ve made the basic milk I put it back in the blender and add a banana, some vanilla, carob powder and anything else I fancy to make a nice tasty milk.

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    BirdOfParadise, I’m having the same trouble—raw sesame seeds and tahini just taste terrible to me. It’s very sad, though, because I absolutely loved the taste of cooked tahini—it baffles me that I could love one so much, yet dislike the other so strongly!

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