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Dirt Poor: Raw Envy



  • What great ideas have been shared by the many members who replied. I especially like Bluedolfin’s idea of setting up with friends to make them dinner. That would provide you with a social outlet in addition to providing you with nourishment.

    Along the same line, why don’t you solicit for members on this site who live in your area to have potluck dinners? Again, in addition to providing nourishment, it will provide you with a social outlet and networking system. If you can’t afford to bring a dish, maybe you can coordinate the dinners and/or provide any other service instead of bringing a dish. Who knows what you will find when you do some local networking. In addition to this site, maybe you can post on Craig’s list if you have one there.

    Good luck to you. It sounds like you have the resolve and at least the support of the many raw foodists who responded to your post.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    flax seeds are very inexpensive.

    also, maybe if you talk to a grocery store that sells bulk food, you may be able to get what they throw away. (bags that are filled and left can’t be put back into the bin)

    art openings are always a good source of free food, and theres usually fresh fruit around

  • Hello all, reposted the addy…
    Also wondering…I came across a selection of nuts that I’ve had stored for a bit now. Had forgotten about them (it seems food just keeps popping up.) Do you think I ought to sprout them or eat them as is. Is there a nutritive difference? I have a few bitter almonds, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts. Never sprouted or even soaked nuts before, So I am resting on all of your collective experiences here, thanks again.


  • Do yourself a favor and at least soak them for 8-12 hours. So that you can benefit from the enzymes. If you dont soak them they have enzyme inhibitors that will force you to use your enzymes for digestion…let the nuts do the work for you!
    Go enzymes!

  • Wow such great ideas!

    @ron4540…I’ve actually been interested in the idea of spending some months working on an organic farm, so I’m pretty curious about Ivy Brand. Do you work there or have you worked there?

  • food not bombs is a vegan organization. they dumpster dive food, then prepare it for free for the public. theres one in dallas. http://www.foodnotbombs.net/texas.html it probably wont all be raw, but itll be pretty close! or at least something.

  • Hello again, I am awash with suggestions and sprouted grains of various sorts. I have been taking in a healthy amount of foods daily. Though I am losing weight, I could honestly stand to lose a few more pounds of “hibernation weight” without dying. I honestly feel less hungry than when I had more quantity. I am so grateful for all of your collective help; it has truly been a bouncing buoy keeping me afloat for the last few days. And, as soon as gasoline (arrgh) permits, I am looking into the various and sundry organizations recommended to me through your posts. My interest is so thoroughly piqued by the farm post. I would absolutley love to spend my days outdoors working the earth and reaping the benefits of a hard day’s labor with my mouth. No joking. If only there were sucha place a few miles closer to me. In Texas. Anyway, here’s to being raw, despite poverty.

    Love and sloppy kisses to each and every one of you.


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