when to eat?

when to eat?


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    There is real, scientific evidence for intermittent fasting, which having long gaps between your meals basically is. Your body has time to digest the food, and then attend to other things. If you are constantly digesting small amounts of food, your body never gets a break from that.

    Maybe eating smaller, more frequent meals does raise your metabolism—but that is not a healthy thing. A faster metabolism means you are aging faster. (You are also more likely to eat more calories with small, frequent meals unless you are counting calories, anyway). And so what? How many many more calories would you really burn? If you are eating smaller amounts of more nutrient-dense food, you are not going to gain weight on 1-3 meals/day. The healthiness of the diet would have a far greater impact than the slowing of the metabolism (which is longevity-promoting anyway). It feels so good to let everything empty and then wait awhile, until you’re truly hungry to eat again. Food tastes so much better at this point, and all your digestive organs are ready to start working again after resting.

    It’s so confusing because all the fitness magazines pound away at the idea of small, frequent meals without anything to back it up—I mean, yes, it’s probably true that your metabolism is raised, but will that be the difference between obese and slim? Is it healthy anyway? Probably not.

    Here’s some info, not comparing 6 meals to 2 or 3, but on the basic idea of eating less food less frequently:

  • If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to count cals with the green raw diet. It helps to just to eliminate guesswork but your body will find its balance and you will just become the right weight for you. However both meal schedule methods are good but there are conditions. It depends on the quality of your food. If you eat junk, it is much better to have a fast metabolism. Junk slows the metabolism and the foods rot and ferment creating poisons and causing disease. If you eat green raw organic vegan, there will be no negative effects either way, your food will not stay in for over 12 hours anyway and usually less than 8! Even if you eat every hour and a half, on green raw vegan you will certainly not age faster. Just be sure to food combine properly and know your digestion times so you let each meal leave the stomach before the next one. If you food combine properly it is possible to never be full and never be hungry, have perfect digestion and do no damage to your body over time. Meanwhile you are healing the past damage. When eating less often, imagine the once a day diet. You eat once a day at noon. This is only possible with absolutely no sugar or sweet foods. This is because the body stores so much energy, as long as the insulin levels are steady, the energy level is steady and there should be no cravings. The metabolism will slow but this is not harmful when eating green raw vegan organic. This person would be skinnier because the body can only really metabolize 1000 calories at a time and thats really pushing it. Normally meals should be under 500 calories each. this is just an example to show how flexible it is when we follow all the rules we know. When we avoid sweet raw foods, like fruits and coconuts, our blood sugar is so stable we are comfortable going long periods between meals. Just eat green heavy, food combined 100% raw and the when where how much and how often will cease to matter.

  • Now that all makes practical sense to me, as the fruit and blood sugar thing really does need to be addressed. What do you mean by green, heavy foods? sprouts ,seeds, nuts, or greens? What about starchy vegetables like roots, they are important for complex carbs. This is a great topic to discuss and explore.

  • Personally, I think you should just eat when you’re hungry …

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