stupid qeustion..

stupid qeustion..


  • they don’t say raw. Just always read the Ingredients! On whatever you buy! they may say unsulphered. Its best to get them from bulk bins at a health food store. Even better to not get them at all. they are dried fruit, which is high sugar. I only use them for recipies when entertaining. If you must eat dry fruit, soak it in water first and it will turn back into fruit-fruit! So raisins are actually the cheapest grapes evar!

  • BirdseedBirdseed Raw Newbie

    Actually, that’s a very smart question. The raisins should say organic and unsulphered. If it does not say these things then they are not organic and/or not unsulphered. I soak the raisins in water “just to cover” overnight. Most times I use the small amount of liquid in the recipe; otherwise the raisin water can be drunk. It’s sweet and delish.

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