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Back, Raw & Pregnant

Hello friends.

I am back on the board. My spouse and I planned a pregnancy. We’ve been together for almost 4 years and now was the perfect time! So after about 10 tries after birth control removal in early Nov we found out we are expecting! I am approx 6-8 weeks. I am soo happy!
I am trying hard to be raw for the entire time. I have been raw for over 1 year. My arthritis is gone which is AMAZING because I was chronic. I am only 25. With morning sickness it has been interesting about how to keep food down lol but I plan on using this site to help out a lot. I also have a RAW blog if your interested in reading.



  • Congratulations :))))

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I liked drinking smoothies when I was pregnant! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yeah, someone else to be raw and pregnant with! I am about 10 weeks. I am finding it VERY challenging to say the least. With my pregnancies, I don’t have vomiting-type morning sickness. For me, it is ALL DAY nausea with absolutely NO desire for food or drink of any kind. I have been raw for about 1 1/2 years and the biggest struggle for me currently with this pregnancy is that if I even look at the foods I used to have as a staple in my diet (green smoothies, salads, and nuts) I feel utter disgust to a level that is undescribable. So, I have been trying to perservere with fruit and a few other items as I can. I have been through 3 different homeopathics thus far to remedy the symptoms, and each one works for a while, but I have to change as the pregnancy hormones change.

    Wow…I guess I typed more than intended…LOL! I really just wanted to congratulate you and say I am excited to have a “partner” in this journey. Best of luck in the coming weeks! I am not on here much right now, as most of my time is spent resting and trying to keep the nausea at bay. But, I will check in when I can.

    Love & Light,

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Fantastic news. I’ve been reading about Jinjees raw pregnancies at www.the gardendiet.com

  • CONGRATULATIONS to both of you, Spiritedmama & Blondblondy!! I can’t wait to have my first raw pregnancy. Keep us all updated as to how it is going. And of course, best of luck.

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    Yea im raw and prego too.. i have had a very hard pregnancy, sick from day 1 and so on. things have gotten better SLOWLY ….... i had to go back to eating cooked food because my body completely rejected anything raw…..crazyness! but after reading Jinjees raw pregnancy Ebook, it has inspired my to go back completely 100% raw!

  • Congratulations!
    I just successfully completed a raw pregnancy, and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. For me, the hardest part was my first trimester where I actually started craving meat, but I didn’t succumb, I’m happy to say.
    Make sure to get plenty of exercise, I think that is just as, if not more important than what you eat.
    So yeah, at times it’s hard, but well worth it! I gained about 20 pounds during the pregnancy and was back to my prepregnancy weight 3 days after I delivered!

    I blogged about my experience at www.thegardenbaby.com

    I’ve been adjusting to being a new mom, so I haven’t posted my birth story yet.

    Good Luck!

  • I just adopted a new child as well…she’s 7 weeks, 1.2 lbs, a beautiful baby kitten! Congrats to me!!!

  • Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    congrats all! ive noticed most of you gals are younger than me and/or already have little ones..so here are some of my questions about CONDSIDERING becoming preggers…My gyno has me scared shitless with all his warnings about the difficulties for “older” women concieving and carrying to term, the health of the baby,and doing this while veggitarian( couldnt even tell him raw..;)) with minimal meddleing from the medical establishment. I dont want to endanger myself or my child but if its not meant to be…. we have discussed adoption too…thoughts ladys? we are in the discussion phase of this here at home, not trying not planning to try until i can get as educated as possible…. so far all i have is furry children( congrats laurajean!) your input will be greatly appreciated!!!thanks

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    Congrats everybody!!!

  • StefunkStefunk Raw Newbie

    omshanti-You know, women have been having children since the beginning of time. Age doesn’t seem to matter at all anymore. I have friends having them into their mid-forties. The fact that you have such an amazing diet is certainly going to be beneficial. Good luck with your decision!

  • For omshanti:

    A raw diet is just fine for a pregnant mom. Just make sure you are getting a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is especially important for a baby’s brain development, so be sure to consume plenty of dark, leafy greens, oranges, and kiwifruit. All of those are high in folic acid. Also, don’t skimp on the nuts and avocados during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your body needs the extra fat during those times.

    Don’t worry too much about being an older mom. My mom had me at 37 and she had an easier pregnancy than I did at 21! While age does play a factor, everyone’s experience is different, As long as you take care of yourself, I’m sure you will have a wonderful pregnancy and a happy baby. You may want to look into a midwife for a better experience with minimal intervention. Best of luck!

  • I’m still in my twenties, my boyfriend and want to have kids, but not until we’re in our thirties. I know this is early for me to ask when there are many more years to live and enjoy without the blessing of a child. I’m more than certain we’ll be living our raw lifestyle until the day we pass on. We’re both concerned about what to feed our baby when the day comes. So I guess my questions are; How do you raise a baby raw? What do you feed it? I’m sure everything is home-made, but what? Nut milk? Breast milk? Green powders? I wouldn’t want to feed my baby anything I wouldn’t consume, so what would it eat? Do you start the baby out on mashed cooked foods or can you raise them 100% raw? Any information, links or whatever would be quite helpful for the both of us. Thanks and congrats to all the mommies to be!!!

  • Hi Chakra!
    Up until age 1, you would feed your baby either breastmilk or formula. I know formula is not raw, but it’s dangerous to try to concoct your own baby formula. And of course, you can breastfeed past age 1 for as long as it is mutually desired.

    At 6 months, you can start offering pureed fruits and soft veggies. Some veggies are harder or or difficult to chew, but you can juice these and mix them in with pureed fruits or soft veggies. And around 9 months, raw seeds should be okay, if they are soaked and pureed. Do not offer honey(if you use it) or nuts until at least age 1, age 2 if there’s a family history of nut allergies. There are a few fruits and veggies that should wait until age 1 due to allergy risk, but you can find that info online.

    It’s your choice whether you want to feed cooked or raw foods. Some people may lightly steam as opposed to boiling or roasting. The important thing is the breastmilk or formula. Those will be your baby’s primary nutrition for the first year.

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