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liquid aminos

I bought Braggs liquid aminos (although mine is called soy substitute on the bottle, but i assume its the same thing) and I was wondering what the daily limit is. I like the taste of it and practically put it on everything. But how much is too much.
Any advice would be great! Thanks!


  • Hi Gymbum,

    I think that’s an individual thing. It’s pretty salty so if you eat a lot of it, I would drink lots of water. I don’t have it very often myself, but that’s just my taste.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    its not raw. I use salt instead, which is.

  • Liquid aminos are not only unraw but are very toxic. Salt is a toxin to the body as well so the best substitute is salty vegetables like celery.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I also noticed that I can only find them in plastic bottles – no glass anymore.

  • thanks for the replies! Looks like i wont be buying it anymore…. haha

  • I use Braggs when something I made needs a bit more of something. The first few days it is amazing on everything and then it gets repetative. I would recommend storing it in a glass bottle although I have a small one in a spray bottle for salads. BTW, I am not 100% as you have probably figured out. 80-90 at this point and I am fine with that :)))

  • thats a good idea (putting it in a spray bottle). and yes, it is good on everything. haha
    also does it have to be refrigerated?

  • I hope not because mine has been in my lunch bag for months! Remember that you can dilute it if it is too strong for you. I bought mine in the spray bottle. The salt breaks down fibers a bit and makes salads such as kale salad a lot easier to get through. Enjoy :) HC

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