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raw on a budget



  • i was gonna buy a dehydrater at thrift shop for 4$ but when i read the instruction booklet, it said that drying destroys the living enzymes and preserves it like they were proud of that. i thought raw food was about eating the living enzymes. so i didn’t get it cause i was wary of that. i looked at that website, blind guru, and he said the same thing too, so i am not making this up. it’s like eating an apple that has been sitting on a table in a warm room for a long time. would you think that the fresh apple was better? or the dried apple. when i look at all the recipes on this site, so many use a dehydrator and all these exotic, expensive recipes, like they want to show off. i used to want to be like all these people and go out and buy everything they talked about but when i bought it it turned out to be a bad idea, like it wasn’t really raw. so just because a recipe is submitted on here doesn’t mean they are experts on really raw food. at first, i thought people knew better than me. I follow my instints now.i’m not gonna buy this miracle food someone talks about and later on find out it’s not really raw or a miracle.i buy fruits and vegetables.i sprout stuff. I am also trying to grow my own wheat grass. and that guy talks about juicing is bad also, that backed my instict also, cause i thought i was wasting all the fiber, and also cause i thought smoothies tasted better and kept me fuller. and just because someone posts something on this website doesn’t mean that they are the god of raw food and know everything. for example, i put a post asking about raw meat and dehydrators, and someone got really offended. i was just asking a question. i feel some people have an attitude of superiority sometimes. they got really offended when i said that thing about dehydrators killing the enzymes. i was just telling them what i read. i guess they want to make their fancy recipes and not want to realize that they wasted their money on a dehydrator. maybe they’re in denial.to me dehydrating stuff sounds like a pain, and it doesn’t taste so good to me and i don’t like all the nut recipes that they try to shape into a piece of meat. it’s like my boyfried says, ‘if you’re trying to recreate meat with nuts or veggies, that means you really want to eat the meat’. and he is a meat eater. i try to keep my meals simple because i hate taking all that time to recreate a cooked version of something out of raw foods. you should take the raw food as it is. i feel like all those fancy salads and recipes drown out the taste of a food. for example, avocado. I think i’m going to eat avocados plain and not mixed with anything more often because i would appreciate the taste of it better. also, some of those recipes are bad food combining which mess up your digestion.

  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    Alyzink- I’m on a budget too!! And guess what i just discovered? Your blender (i have just a normal one too.) It CHOPS NUTS! into a POWDER!!! WOOT!! hehe. So, no need for a nut grinder.
    Also, in placement of a dehydrator, put your oven on lowest setting, and leave the door open. And – you’ve got a JUICER?! lucky!! you can make nuts butters!!

  • hey girl!

    I live in newport beach, starting over and its EXPENSIVE!! I am there with you. same same.

    Staples I found that stretch and are worth buying are:

    -almond butter, raw kind. A jar is about $6 out here, but since you're a nut fan (me too) this is such a good buy. Eat it with celery, mix it with dates and sunflower seeds for dessert, anything! And the best part is that it is SO filling!

    I've also found that you can live on lettuce wraps. seriously. sometimes when I'm tight on money i'll buy a head of lettuce and 2 or 3 of my favorite veggies (like avocados, sprouts, and cucumber and maybe a pepper) and just make wraps! They' re filling and yummy and last for the whole week!

    hope this helps! good luck my friend!

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