sprouting lentils

I have been trying to sprout lentils. I am on day three and i noticed that some of the lentils (their green lentils) are turned sort of black and some of the skin has come off of some of the lentils. Are the lentils turning rancid? or is this normal and can i still eat them?
Also on a side note, how long can i keep sprouted buckwheat for in the fridge?


  • It’s normal for the skins to come off. However, they shouldn’t turn strange colors. Do you have good drainage (i.e. a jar upside down and at a 45 degree angle – using a dish rack works well)? Are you rinsing twice a day with room temperature water?

    I don’t do this, but some people add a small amount of citric acid or hydrogen peroxide to their rinse water to help with mold problems. The key to sprouting is good drainage & thorough rinsing. If you have been doing this, then perhaps it’s bad seeds.

    I wonder if these seeds taste funny? If so, I’d say discard them.

  • thanks for the reply! i just threw them out. I will try yet again… haha I just bought a book called the sprouting book by ann wigmore. so far its interesting and very helpful. i’m hoping the next batch will work. I sprouted quinoa and buckwheat and they were both devine. but the lentils didnt go so well.

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