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Valentine's Day!

teadeteade Raw Newbie

Okay, so I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day.. or any holiday.. haha.
I think someone should give the people they love things, whenever the need sparks..
However, since most people don’t agree with that, I need help!
What would be a good gift for a guy?
You know, the type whose not really into the ‘normal’ society things?


  • I totally agree with the Valentine’s Day thing. If you love someone you shouldn’t need a corporate sponsor to tell them so. Your idea is absolutely right; that kind of appreciation and affection should be spontaneous and happen a hell of a lot more often than once a year!

    But your real question…good for a guy….I’m kind of boring and almost always get people books. But I also love taking people out to dinner. If you live somewhere with a great raw restaurant, you could start with the prerequisite flowers, then have a great meal, romantic stroll. Now, I grant you, that is about as “normal” as it gets, so I’m no help at all with your real question. Dammit. Sorry!

  • MunchieMunchie Raw Newbie

    I agree. My husband and I don’t believe in conventional holidays either. If he is not into “normal society things”, I would say, offer him a memory of some kind. Or maybe, if you want to purchase him something, have a star named after him.:o) www.starregistry.com or www.nameastar.com ::shrugs:: Hope that is a help.

  • teadeteade Raw Newbie

    Awe awesome! Thank you both! I was thinking of just making (or buying) a charm and stringing it into a necklace or something…
    but the star is neat! I might do that for my upcoming birthdays…
    haha, gifts are complicated.

  • haha I;m the same way… I have NO idea what to get my boyfriend for the holidays…. But if you get lucky sometimes they will drop hints… lol for example, my boyfriends loves back rubs and scalp massages. so I’m buying him a spa package (to get a gentleman’s shave, a scalp massage and a back massage). I’m still trying to figure out everything else.
    the gentlemen on this website should be reading this and giving us hints on what they like… a little help here for the ladies! :0)

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    Im calling Grezzo, the new raw restaurant opening in Boston, this weekend for V-Day reservations!! yay!

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    So nice to know that some of you guys also don’t believe in conventional holidays, I haven’t for moral reasons and consumerism too. And Valentines day always turned me off, plus Thanksgiving (horrible) and the good ol’ fantasy of Santa Clause….geese! I stopped celebrating them all about 5 years ago, and never looked back or missed it either, plus I get to save the money (nest egg)

    But I do love celebrating the solstice’s : ) My family is all for it too, which makes it all possible :)

  • I like love: give him the gift of you. If that’s lame, take him skydiving. That’s what I want, anyway. Some pretty girl to go skydiving with me…

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