When is it ok?

Hi there everyone! I hope you all had a good new year (Standard or Islamic)!

So here’s my question… when is it ok/recommended to start adding things to the baby’s formula? Baraan is now 2.5 months and even though I really don’t want to vaccinate her there are ALOT of children who are coming down with measels right now and there is also a rash of whooping cough starting… the amount of sick kids and the severity of the illnesses has given me enough reasons to decide to vaccinate Baraan. I know it’s not so good and I’m sure there’s bound to be toxins but I’m thinking she’s still a bit too young for me to start adding anything to her formula. Oh and forget asking the docs here… They don’t know “natural” anything, they are BIG med pushers and love to scare people into believing nothing gets cured unless you take a billion pills or injections. I know there are alot of parents out there who’ve successfully raised wonderfully healthy children on the raw/natural diet and I’m hoping that some of you might have advice…

And I’m curious to know if I’m making the right decision about vaccinating Baraan? If I was back in the US where there is better health care and treatments available and not many sick children I probably wouldn’t vaccinate her but I’m very worried that if she got sick here it would be very serious and I want to prevent that.

Thanks everyone! K-Mom (back at last…)


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    This is something I am struggling with because colleges “require” vaccination. I am really curious about this topic!

  • No vaccination is safe. If your child was getting breast fed she would have all the immunities necessary. You can ask Doug Graham about this topic as he is raising a young child who is 100% raw from birth and I am certain has never taken any form of medicine or vaccine and was not sick in her life and she is about 3 years now (he claimed she had a runny nose for about 10 minutes once) :)

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