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im starting raw and wonder if anyone still watches how they combine foods? I have poor digestion. everything gives me gas. what are your thoughts on this? anyone? can this change over time? will food combing be so crucial after ive been raw a while?


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    Hi there,

    Personally, I’ve been doing this raw thing for a year and I still food combine.Everything. All the time. Sometimes I am frustrated because I see all these great recipes using bananas and nuts for example and I read how delish and filling it is. I’m sure thats true. And for me it would sit like a brick in my stomach and intestines for two or more days becoming a toxic mess. Ugh. Good luck! I feel your pain. ;o)

  • I understand you completely. I used to have problems like that too. But I’ve been reading this book called The Raw Gourmet- by Nomi Shannon and I found that this book is really helpful when it comes to food pairing. Here are her rules:
    1. Drink liquids alone. Drink either 20 minutes prior to your meal or at least 30 minutes after.
    2. Eat melons alone. Wait 30 minutes before consuming anything else.
    3. Eat fruits alone. Lemons or lime juices are the only exception to the rule.
    4. Do not combine acidic fruits with sweet fruits (ex. dates and oranges)
    5. Do not combine proteins and starches (ex. nuts and yams)
    6. Do not combine fruits and vegetables.
    7. Do not combine too many different types of foods.

    Now I wouldn’t agree with it 100% because everyones body reacts differently to foods. Although I found by following this it did help me.
    You could also write out a food diary and record when you started feeling gassy or having digestion problems then you can narrow down what foods might have dont that.
    Eating too much fibre and not drinking enough water is an issue too.
    My natural path also told me to take 2 tsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar before a meal and if I had indigestion take 2 more tsp. after the meal.
    Well I hope that helps!!

  • IS it a matter of tummy discomfort or health? I can combine anything and feel fine. ANy reason not to then?

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