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Raw Percent?

How do you decide your percentage for being raw? By the day, week or by the meal? Like I had fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch but with ranch dressing and an Ezekial bun with veggies and a little vegenaise on it for dinner. What percent would that make me?


  • I don’t like percentages, but it’s probably best to assess your rawness by week or month. You don’t want to get discouraged if you have an off day.

    Your diet seems to be mostly raw. Have you ever tried raw salad dressings? Some are so tasty that I could almost drink them. If I don’t have time to make dressing, I just squeeze an orange or grapefruit over the salad and toss in some chopped green onions and avocado.

  • I was always confused by the percentage thing too. Is it by calories, volume, # of 100% raw meals, etc? I think it’s just okay to saw mostly raw or high raw. It’s not a contest anyway. I don’t think that 94% raw is better than 92.5%

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    LionMouse, can you recommend some of your favorite raw dressings?

  • About trying the raw dressinges, that was my thought exactly while I was writing my question. I thought, “why haven’t I?”. Well that is surely coming. My kitchen is being rennovated right now and is a total mess. As soon as it is finished, I see this whole new way of RAW rocketing for me. I have been thoroughly excited over it all and have lost a few lbs. The best part is the decrease in pain I am having. So I sure do see Raw dressings in my future. It’s a little hard when you love ranch. Are there any dressings similar to ranch?
    About the percentages, I just really wanted to know if I am considered Vegan or Raw foodist? I heard that if you are 80% raw you are a Raw Foodist. I realize 100% is a very hard place to get too, but I do want to get there. One hampering thing for being 100% is the availability of organic and/or variety of raw foods around me.

  • Yes, you’re a raw foodist. You have the desire to eat raw and you’ve taken substantial steps towards eating raw.

    I’ve never tried a raw ranch dressing. When I make a salad from hardy greens like kale or chard, I like avocado based dressings like this one:


    Another good avocado dressing involves blending one avocado with the juice of half a grapefruit, the juice of half a lemon, cilantro and some chopped shallots.

  • LionMouse, that was like music to my ears you saying that I am a raw foodist. That’s just so cool. My desire is so great that I had pad thai from this site twice today. it was yum!

    I am going to definetly try the dressings you suggested as I love avocados.

    Thank you so much!

  • I’d think by the week is most reasonable. My memory isn’t sharp enough to figure it out by the month…

    I’m aiming for 50%+ raw meals each week. I’m still transitioning into raw foods and I get stuck eating out frequently. Once I get some more willpower, I’m going to start setting aside time each weekend to prepare a week’s worth of food so I don’t have the “I’m busy!” excuse. My goal is 75% raw before summer.

  • gymjunkiegymjunkie Raw Newbie

    I agree that being classified as a “raw foodist” is just as much about one’s health and personal wellness goals as it is about the type and quantity of raw foods consumed. If I had to calculate a percentage label for myself, I suppose I would be 99% raw. After checking my intake and comparing it to lists of non-raw foods such as those found on “the dead list” on the purely raw website, I am confident that the only non-raw item I consume is herbal tea-bags (like Tazo).

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